Perhaps the best explanation as to who and what is on the internet. There are dumb mother fuckers who couldn't tell you what 7 plus 5 was without ten fingers and their feet in sight. There are dull people (Usually adults) who take everything too seriously and don't have any humour (In this context by copy paste-ing dictionary definitions onto words).There are the douches who think the entirety of the sight is for bragging and saying how often the have sex. There are the teens type 1:Repressed and angsty and teens type 2: OMG I CAN'T EVEN JUSTIN BEIBER MY QUEEN TYLER OAKLEY DANISNOTONFIRE AMAZINGPHIL DIL HOWLTER OMGOMGOGMOGMOMGOMGOMGK I CANNOT !!!!!1 , with the latter usually found in tumblr.There's the thug, who talks about weed and weed and weed and ....well, he never really seems to stop talking about weed. Then there's the 1%, the people who make funny definitions and aren't dicks and OMG I CAN'T EVEN JUSTIN BEIBER MY QUEEN TYLER OAKLEY DANISNOTONFIRE AMAZINGPHIL DIL HOWLTER OMGOMGOGMOGMOMGOMGOMGK!!!!!!1

But in the end, none of this matters, as 99% of it is inevitably porn and sexual terms involving shit.

A LOT of shit.
Guy 1:What does poontang mean?

Guy 2: Fuckin' Urban Dictionary that shit.
by thegovermentislizards69 March 18, 2015
It's a famous website where little hamsters create an urban dictionary.
Bob: Hey can i have the meaning of: "urbandictionary?"
Staffer: Sure,just wait, a geek called blackfox299 is publishing it on right now
Bob: oh alright, thanks!
by blackfox299 March 15, 2015
A dictionary full of words you will never see in any other dictionary such as confuzzled and poopsock.
Alex: man that smoshed all over the place
Mary: smoshed is not a word
Alex: yes it is i saw it in the Urban Dictionary
by BazoookaGoBoom March 14, 2015
Proper noun. An online dictionary website geared towards defining slang terms, with definitions based on user-submitted content.
I searched up the definition for this word on Urban Dictionary.
by jpnerens March 03, 2015
A stupid-ass website where stupid-ass people write stupid-ass definitions to stupid-ass sexual innuendos. Where dipshits write definitions (except me, of course, because i had the balls to tell you this
You looked at urban dictionary for an actual definition?!?!?!? That's like doing research on Wikipedia
by Hawkray February 27, 2015
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