A stupid-ass website where stupid-ass people write stupid-ass definitions to stupid-ass sexual innuendos. Where dipshits write definitions (except me, of course, because i had the balls to tell you this
You looked at urban dictionary for an actual definition?!?!?!? That's like doing research on Wikipedia
by Hawkray February 27, 2015
The thing you're using
Look mom! I'm using a urban dictionary
by DerpMuffs February 25, 2015
An online bathroom stall posing as a legitimate website.
The Urban Dictionary...for all your dirty thoughts.
by garcalej February 17, 2015
a fucked up website with a shit ton of fucked up definition that you would never use on a daily bases
Dude why is the Urban Dictionary a thing?
by personness February 12, 2015
get the hail of the computer and READ A FOOKING BOOK
the Urban Dictionary
plw read a book
by nnt here February 09, 2015
a place people come to research things when they should be doing something else. Also, as these people scroll down the page, the definitions get more and more sexual in nature.
Why are all the definitions on urban dictionary so not about what I'm looking for?
by thatonedudeintheback January 30, 2015
A place where time that could be spent on important shit goes to die.
I was going to do my homework- but then i went on urban dictionary.
by SharterofPowah January 22, 2015
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