The website your on right now, dumbshit
Your on fucking "" wtf do you think the urban dictionary is
by mountaindewizsik January 18, 2010
Really, you're on urban dictionary yet you dont know what urban dictionary is. HOW THE FUCK DOES THAT HAPPEN!
Cop: The last thing he said was "I'm going to look up Urban Dictionary on Urban Dictionary" and then the universe kinda collapsed around him.
by pudoooser November 30, 2009
A veritable cornucopia of streetwise lingo, posted and defined by its readers.
i like urban dictionary
by definerninjaz September 17, 2009
The best and only place to find a definition that's not in the dictionary!! It comes in handy when using slang words, names, etc.
"Omg dude have you ever heard of Urban Dictionary .com??" -Joey
"No, why?" -Nate
"Oh because they're quite amazing if you didn't know..." -Joey
"Hey by the way... what does dude mean??" -Nate
"Go online and look for yourself!!"
by Waxxy August 15, 2009
A website where people post stuff about themselves that makes the seem like a badass but really they are just nerds sitting on their computers.
Patrick: hey, look up my name on urban dictionary!

Joe: it says that you are a total badass with a huge penis. Did you post this? Because you are a total geek with no friends.

Patrick: what? Noooo...that's crazy.....
by MisterSmartyFace May 29, 2009
A place people go to vent about life and state personal and public definitions of what ordinary folks think words mean. It was originally meant to host slang words and display what they meant to those who aren't familiar with city talk.
Nothing's going right in my life, so I'm entering stuff on the urban dictionary.
by loserofmen April 20, 2009
The sexiset site for all the information u need in life
i <3 urban dictionary
by SxyPenguin308 April 08, 2009
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