noun: A situation that unexpectedly turns into an orgy where every bodily fluid is witnessed and sexual acts are performed as if the participants were playing sex dice and twister at the same time.

adj: unexpectedly and disturbingly sexual
Friend1: "Hey, sorry I couldn't make it to your movie night last night, how did it go?"
Friend2: "It was a real Urban Dictionary. I saw what I swear was santorum oozing from Jimmy's ass, but I couldn't tell because I got angry pirated before the previews even finished."

The biology class became increasingly Urban Dictionary as an orgy built up around the two kids who were munging with the pre-dissected fetal pigs.
by Chief O'Chuggabeer April 03, 2012
1. A place where you get to read other people's opinions on things and thumbs down/thumbs up accordingly if you agree or disagree.

2. An online dictionary that has a definition for nearly every known word in the world.

3. What you're using right now.
Person #1: Hey, I wonder what the rest of the world thinks about Justin Bieber!

Person #2: Sure, just check Urban Dictionary!
by D-2k() March 08, 2012
An interesting site that was originally used for looking up words used by Black People on TV, but now has been found by White People and their awful children, who use it to exact revenge on their enemies and post names of people they're stalking and are probably going to rape at some point.
Urban dictionary used to be awesome, still is, but idiots don't READ THE RULES!
by Thatguytwitchinginacorner January 09, 2012
A website where people rant on their ex- BF/GF's name even if some other person in the world with the same name is saying fuck you
what the F**K!??!?!? Braeden has some really bad comments on urban dictionary. Must've been that person's ex... Hey, get me some Chick-fil-a!!!!
by Iplaygaia October 21, 2011
A place to go when you want to laugh at stuff you don't like because people write ben stuff about EVERYTHING here. Also useful if you want to look up sex terms. That's about it. Everything else here is mostly people's opinions, not definitions, so don't take anything seriously. Most people here depend on labels and popular culture to write their definitions and think that their cool when they're probably just no-life's with nothing better to do. And the scary thing is that you can't recognize them, because, contrary to what they say, not all retards TiPE LeiK dIs!!11!! And no, they're not all 12 year olds. (in fact, I know a lot of 12 year olds who are smarter than the people I find here)
educated person: I don't think there's a good example of <insert word> on Urban dictionary. <writes a good, non-baised description>
stupid no-life: Being racist is soooo cool. so I'm gonna define <insert race> on urban dictionary! <write a horrible, mocking, steryotype-based description>
by AndIActuallyHaveALife December 05, 2010
If you are really searching for the NAME urban dictionary while on the SITE urban dictionary than you need to get a life.
Find a hobby if you are looking up the name urban dictionary while on the site urban dictionary.
by Icannotthinkofapseudonym April 05, 2010
Think you're funny, don't you?
"Hey, I looked up the thing I'm using in the thing I'm using."
"Urban dictionary."
"Oh, cool."
by mecmecmec March 27, 2010

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