A special place in Cyberspace for like-minded wordsmiths, any two of which will make a whole wit. slow wit half dumb dumber dumbest
My name is Doug, this is my brother Doug, over there is my other brother Doug. We read Urban Dictionary.
by Doug And Douger October 26, 2006
urban dictionary is an internet slang dictionary. for the most part it consists of entires featuring the latest colloquialisms of our generation and also a lot of well-wishers attempting to kick start their own slang words (and we all hope it works out for the best)

Urban Dictionary is not an encyclcopedia - so perhaps people should stop using it as such.

neither is it a message forum, or a livejournal -

it is a fairly entertaining, enlightening (completely useless) read in need of some serious fascistic reformation
dude - i went on urban dictionary and i looked up this one chick's DEFs and they were all just shout outs to her upstate new york friends...isn't that neat!!!
by Zach Block June 16, 2005
Grammar Nazi Hell. Come on, its not THAT hard to spell words right.
haz, m8, pls, etc...These are some of the common misspellings on Urban Dictionary.
by Applesaucessss February 23, 2014
noun: A situation that unexpectedly turns into an orgy where every bodily fluid is witnessed and sexual acts are performed as if the participants were playing sex dice and twister at the same time.

adj: unexpectedly and disturbingly sexual
Friend1: "Hey, sorry I couldn't make it to your movie night last night, how did it go?"
Friend2: "It was a real Urban Dictionary. I saw what I swear was santorum oozing from Jimmy's ass, but I couldn't tell because I got angry pirated before the previews even finished."

The biology class became increasingly Urban Dictionary as an orgy built up around the two kids who were munging with the pre-dissected fetal pigs.
by Chief O'Chuggabeer April 03, 2012
1. A place where you get to read other people's opinions on things and thumbs down/thumbs up accordingly if you agree or disagree.

2. An online dictionary that has a definition for nearly every known word in the world.

3. What you're using right now.
Person #1: Hey, I wonder what the rest of the world thinks about Justin Bieber!

Person #2: Sure, just check Urban Dictionary!
by D-2k() March 08, 2012
An interesting site that was originally used for looking up words used by Black People on TV, but now has been found by White People and their awful children, who use it to exact revenge on their enemies and post names of people they're stalking and are probably going to rape at some point.
Urban dictionary used to be awesome, still is, but idiots don't READ THE RULES!
by Thatguytwitchinginacorner January 09, 2012
An online collection of words, 95% of which are ill-defined. This due to the website's reliance on socially under developed dorks, forty year-old virgins and hyper reactionary losers who think they are politically "involved.

On occasion, it provides some entertainment, but it is usually populated by angst ridden tirades by people who lash out at their betters.

While some readers may be offended at learning they are lesser beings, they should be reminded they came to Urban Dictionary of their own free will. They worked to get here, that says it all.
"I read about that on Urban Dictionary."

"I'm sorry."
by Guido555 October 27, 2011

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