A collection of mung chugging douchebags who would rather take it in their face butt holes then post a logical definition
Garrett - So urban dictionary wouldn't post my clever definition of Donatello that was more insulting and interesting then all of the others

Devin - What a bunch of anal abusive piss pump workers

Garrett - They are nothing more than genital thieving devastatingly dirty donkey dinky downers
by Baggedlunch February 11, 2011
Urban Dictonary- A dictionary that explains to people about certain slangs and words.Also it is a place where fucktards like to post hate definitions to Juggalos and Juggalettes.
The people who diss Juggalos and Juggalettes on urban dictionary are just Half-witted Hoes, and Wrong minded Whores.They like to fucking sit behind their computers and be bitches.
Saying shit about Juggalos and Juggalettes. Well they should just fuck off. They just mad cuz they sit at home all day and eat their fucking munchies.
Some examples that people like that are just bitches:
Ex 1. Juggalo: Hey man do you like ICP?!?! They fuckin rule!!!!
Someone who disses Juggalos constantly online: NO WAY!!! YOUR MUSIC SUCKS!!!
Someone who disses Juggalos constantly online:- at home on his bed eating food while listening to music - "Oh yes...yes....oh justin bieber....oh you are awesome.....

Ex 2. Someone who disses Juggalos constantly online: -is at home dissing juggalos- "HA!!! EAT THAT JUGGALOSER!!!!"
Someone who disses Juggalos constantly online goes up to his mom: "Hey mom...you will like what i did today.... I DISSED JUGGALOS!"
-mom beats Someone who disses Juggalos constantly online-
Someone who disses Juggalos constantly online:"WHAT WAS THAT FOR MOM?!?!!?!?!"

urban dictionary sucks
by juggalette forever January 24, 2011
The dictionary that contains 90% of the words and phrases Americans use everyday.
common words such as, BJ, Whore, Slut, Dumbass, and thousands more can all be found on urban dictionary.
by iamterribleatpseudonyms January 16, 2011
A website with a minimal amount of useful information, but where a lot of kids with too much time post completely made-up bullshit terms that they hope will catch on, and about topics of which they know sweet-fuck-all - such as SEX. Examples include cock-taco, donkey-punch, chili-dog, space-docking, and any other ridiculous scenario that could only transpire in the fantasies of a desperate virgin.
#1: Dude! Last night I shit on this girl's tits then I rubbed my dick in it then I made her suck my cock! It was awesome!!

#2: Dude, totally, me too I love that shit it's so funny! We should call it something and put it on Urban Dictionary! But for now I'm gonna go play WOW and jack off in my parents' basement!
by One-time contributor January 01, 2011
fb status: "im on Urban Dictionary!"

comment: "that is so cool!"
by the NINJA Cheesecake December 12, 2010
A website where you can find slang words and some real meanings to things. BUT urbandictionary SUCKS because when trying to post a significant meaning it will NOT let me publish it.
Ever heard of urban dictionary?
yeaah haha. its stupid and a waste.
I know right. I tried to post few things and it will not publish. IDIOTS.
Amen brother.
by fuckurbandictionaryy December 04, 2010
an annoying website that sucks ass because it didnt accept one of my definitions!
that website is just like urban dictionary..shit.
by lollllll12322 September 04, 2010

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