this is actually some sort of weird paradox xzibit shit and by looking at this your mind is being blown,thats what happens when you look at urban dictionary on urban dictionary
xzibit:yo dawg i heard you like urban dictionary so i put an urban dictionary in your urban dictionary so you can rofl while you lmfao
guy2:*head explodes*
by dominofallicous January 11, 2012
Originally used for defining slang words deriving from the URBAN community, has now transformed in a place to make up words and think that they are funny.
It is also used to look up words that would never be used by someone ACTUALLY native to an urban area, such as LOL.
I used to like urban dictionary until people decided to make shit up
by AveLin January 04, 2012
A very sickening website that should not even be allow on the internet.
All it does is run down people and everything.
It's corrupting. TRASH

Young children that get on this website and read this trash then talk it. IT'S A DISGRACE!!!

Doesn't anyone care about their children reading this trash! SHAMEFUL

I was shocked beyond belief, when I found out my 8 & 11 year old grandchildren were on this website reading this trash.SICKENING

They said their friends told them about this site. If you keep this trashy website on here .....then at least fix it so children and minors under 18 can't get on it.

by ANGRY PARENT & GRANDPARENT December 31, 2011
The worst dictionary in the world, written by people who seriously do not know what they are writing about.
The student failed to graduate from university because he used Urban Dictionary as his only source of information.
by !????????????????????????????! December 06, 2011
A website where philistines can learn everything they need to know, to bastardise the great English language.
Gz, the bastardisation of 'Congratiations'. Other examples can be found int eh Urban Dictionary.
by Kiphal November 27, 2011
This website, smart one.
Guy 1: Hey, are you on urban
Guy 2: What's that? Let me look that up...
by Capsen November 25, 2011
A place where a definition for the word "Classical Music" is an expository essay on why rap sucks.... Which it does... But still.
Herp Derp I am an "intellectual." I listen to classical music. I don't have any real talent at all, and I am pissed off because I am on my period and I just lost the game. I am going to post on Urban Dictionary that rap sucks in the definition of classical music.
by Ilikechocolatemilkwenches October 16, 2011

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