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the coolest thing online
who ever invented it is a genius
Urban Dictionary is sick man!
by Sharon Miller February 20, 2009
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The dictionary of everything retarded.
Can be edited by non members to impose hate on other Humans, religeous groups, or others with different sexual preferences.

Though it is used like a cheap whore for students to shout retarded comments to one another, only once in a while are the entries even partially entertaining (see kory, lol, ect.).
Urban Dictionary is the Fail Network.

Your mom uses Urban Dictionary.

You get all your whiney come-backs from the Urban Dictionary?

Urban Dictionary = Epic waste of Bandwith
by Hell Angel January 25, 2009
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Look up and a little to the left. It explains it.
Urban Dictionary is... where?
by Doctor Breen December 23, 2008
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a website you visit when myspace is being a biotch and your to lazy to call a friend over or jerk off.
you can also define the stupid slang terms your friends have invented, give a dirty definition to everything from apple to zebra, or plainly just bitch about your haters.
UD Noob: "oo interesting! no one has defined rubber band yet!"
*typing in urban dictionary definition box*

Rubber band: sticking your head in someones private area and yelling out applesauce repeatedly.
by E-Tag! September 06, 2008
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A site to look up stuff that you'd be too embarrassed to as you friends for. And, a great time waster.
When one of my friends says something that I'm not quite sure the definition of, I just go to Urban Dictionary for the answer. Or, to waste time when I'm bored
by Verbatim24 August 25, 2008
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a dictionary where you can add
your own definitions and make up
words usually in slang or ghetto
street talk.
can be also used to talk shit about
others and a good dose of shit about yourself.
wide usage by those who can't get
a real job as a PROFESSIONAL writer.
"let's go flood Urban Dictionary with definitions cuz I'm the man"

dipshit's sidekick:
"yeah yeah and we can post an extension bout my dick size"
by FCUKaLot August 19, 2008
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A great site for me to figure out what the hell my kids are saying, while having a laugh and making fun of their friends.
Kid: My friend is not emo, she's scene!

Mom: What is scene? I'd better go look it up on Urban Dictionary so that I will know the definition and therefore be "cool" :P
by caitengl August 09, 2008
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