an awesome website that tells you cool things that modern people use. fyi you are on it right now
boy:omg did you look up yolo city swag on urban dictionary
other boy:ya it was so cool
boy:i know this website is the bomb.
by lilk423 October 23, 2013
A once good idea gone bad due to Nazis like censorship.
Hey bro, you still check out Urban Dictionary?

Nah, I got shit to do.

Like what? my life.....
by Urban Dictionary Hater October 18, 2013
a porn glossary
i learned what "beat the squirt" and 'playing the rusty trombone" means on urban dictionary.
by gerllamawolf October 17, 2013
A website in which young children can search for slang terms and potentially lose their virginity.
Caroline taught Joseph how to use the internet. Caroline left the room for an hour and joseph had added several exceedingly rude words to his vocabulary. Caroline then thought, "Oh dear lord he found Urban Dictionary."
by Psuendymous Name Ud October 13, 2013
the place where you can find the meaning to the words your black friends say.
person 1: that girl ratchet!

person 2: uh... y..yeah... yeah she sure is.

later that day

*goes to urban dictionary and searches the word ratchet*

person 2: so that's what it means...
by Kira Savior October 13, 2013
The place where perverts love to gather.
1. I love Urban Dictionary it teaches me how to charizard or be a angry dragon.

2. I love all these sex positions.
by Bobthebuilder2936523967392 October 05, 2013
Urban Dictionary is a website run by dicks that won"t ever publish your words.
Dude, Urban Dictionary didn't publish my word!

I know, it's because they're retards!
by Urbandictionarysucksballsacs September 05, 2013
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