The site you are on right now.... as in right now... come on don't be stupid on purpose like this. Not even to show your friends. No...
Fred: what does "swag" mean?
Tim: I don't know. Just look it up on Urban Dictionary.
Fred: Ok... Thanks
Tim: Don't mention it.
by DongerKing October 13, 2014
The most hipster site ever.
Collin: Where can I find the most accurate and positive definition of a hipster?
Johnny: Dude, Urban Dictionary.
by Will Cuminthaeye September 16, 2014
a lame program that doesnt let us alter fucked up definitions of words older than it!!!!!
urban dictionary sucks dick
by Larad Conplant September 13, 2014
A person who decided to make this silly website and claims to reject non-celebrity entries when really keeps all of them.
'This is urban Dictionary'
by ThisThingIsStupid February 20, 2014
A website where people define sex positions they've invented themselves but never ever do.
"What is a Raspberry Beret?"
"Look it up on Urban Dictionary dude."
by MrFappy October 27, 2013
a cesspool created by the filthiest of swine and frequented by flies, cockroaches, rats and other filth and was created to promote these filthy creatures own definitions.
person a: do you know of a good online dictionary? is urban dictionary any good?

person b: LOL!!! you're joking right...? that so called "dictionary" is nothing but a collection of dung from filthy scum contributors. the low life swine who created the site won't even let you publish respectable real definitions. they only accept filth that those so called contributors' tiny brains could come up with. they want to promote these filthy definitions over real ones. it's really weird. but maybe it isn't; low life scum will only accept filth.

person a: thanks for telling me in advance.
by disgusted contributor June 15, 2013
The best fucking dictionary ever.
Person 1: That the hell is a flying fuck?
Person 2: You dumbass, search Urban Dictionary. EVERYONE knows that site.
by WhatsYourNameAgain? May 28, 2013

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