The sexiset site for all the information u need in life
i <3 urban dictionary
by SxyPenguin308 April 08, 2009
Urban dictionary is a place where people can enter retarded things for no reason. Like this.
i love Urban Dictionary so much
by fettmanSWEETness March 12, 2009
A turd in your toilet that reperesents computers.
I Had an Urban Dictionary!
by Smart guy lol January 30, 2009
Formerly a great place that upheld freedom of speech but now is more like fox news.

UD started out as a great place to define truths about government and idiots alike. But now they are a bought and paid for media whore like fox news who filters all of the good content and gives out fluff.

Urban dictionary: a great idea, that failed
by Anitchrist January 12, 2009
A website that makes me giggle like a school girl in health class.
When your searching for that website that makes you giggle, go to urban dictionary.
by Jeeves5177 January 10, 2009
A place where male virgins come to talk about incredibly depraved sexual acts and positions, despite never having even kissed a girl.
"So, I was reading on Urban Dictionary that the Alaskan Firedragon is when you're fucking a girl...oh my god, it's a real girl! I just came in my pants.
by Teddysmalls October 16, 2008
A great site for me to figure out what the hell my kids are saying, while having a laugh and making fun of their friends.
Kid: My friend is not emo, she's scene!

Mom: What is scene? I'd better go look it up on Urban Dictionary so that I will know the definition and therefore be "cool" :P
by yokol August 09, 2008

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