A site on which people with too much free time(generally highschool and/or college underclassmen) add words and phrases to a dictionary that either insult others, are useless or are conceited attempts by egocentric individuals to improve their own self worth by creating some bullshit definition that, while possibly helpful to select few, further degrades society and further proves the decline in society.
Outside of some of the more informed definitions for words, this dictionary is full of conflicting and useless banter.
Just press random.... you'll see this decline on Urban Dictionary
by DaemonKind August 22, 2013
A place where you take a word and put your own opinion as the definition.
Urban Dictionary - That place where you look up your name and feel good about yourself

Justin Bieber - The worst singer ever

Xbox - Fucking horrible

PS3 - Sucks dick

PC - Fanbase thinks they're the best
by qwerty qwerteh August 12, 2013
An awesome place where there are a lot of crazed fangirls, around 84% of the definitions are sexual, as nearly all the users are obsessed pre-teens pretending to be older than they actually are. Urban dictionary is meant to be funny yet people come on here to brag about how 'much betterer there spag is'.
Friend: "What's urban dictionary?"

Me: "Where I go to fangirl over Bowling For Soup and listen to people complain."
by JaretReddickIsAwesome July 26, 2013
One of the most amazing and terrifying places to visit on the interwebs
It not only defines almost any word you can think of, but it does it by real people and in the most amusing (and terrifying) of ways.
Person 1: I went on Urban Dictionary today to look up a word
Person 2: Yeah and?
Person 1: It was scary... and I got sidetracked... and it was fun... but I never actually got the definition I was looking for
by Ariel White June 23, 2013
Assholes who won't publish any of my good definations, that make me so angry I will add something like this!
Urban Dictionary pisses me off, Publish my goddamn definitions!
by Anonymouse1965 May 27, 2013
a large audience of lots of idiots


avg weight, 200lbs


offed ness

"fuck you and your little dog todo too." Urban Dictionary
by todo May 10, 2013
This website is the best thing that has ever happened to this world. I love it and use it all the time.
I found my crushes and best friends names and told then what they mean!! Thx urban dictionary
by Rstubby April 25, 2013

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