This site, which is supposed to be used for urban slang but most of the definitions are
1) Sexually related
2) Video game related
3) Peoples names
4) Words that people just make up out of no where and claim it's urban slang.
5) Not real facts and just peoples opinions without reason.

Only some of urban dictionary is used properly.
1) I'll use urbandictionary to educate myself about sex!
2) I'll go onto urban dictionary and educate my self about video games and realise theres people besides me that still play the snes!
3) I'll go onto urban dictionary and learn about some rapist some guy met!
4) I'll go onto urban dictionary and look at all the crappy words that people make up like neegah.
5) Wow, chrono trigger is such a great game but i'm not going to give a reason!!!
by Marbarian April 14, 2005
A website that has been taken over by:

Conservatives who rant their political and untrue propaganda
Elito-Conformist "punks" who bash every type of music that isn't considered "classic"
Stupid teenagers who use this as a place to make fun of their friends
Biggots who make fun of people based on their religions and races and names and genders and sexualities.
1. Israel is a nation, Arabs are subhuman, here on Urban Dictionary.
2. Green Day sucks, ALL of their fans think they are punk, here on Urban Dictionary.
3. (Bob)is an asshole, here on Urban Dictionary
4. I hate black people and gay people, here on Urban Dictionary.

by SLC September 18, 2005
A site with an amazing concept that was great up until 2005-ish. Today, 90% of Urban Dictionary is clogged with bizarre sexual acts that have fucking nothing to do with the original definitions.

The site in general is poorly moderated and misspelled to the bone. I often wonder if the creators of this site are still alive. I don't have much of a problem with incorrect spellings, but this shit heap has redefined (no pun intended) the word "misspell"

Today, 10 year olds enjoy this place the most. The small amount of definitions on here that don't relate to sex, usually relates to race or stereotypes. The 0.01% of the normal definitions are from back when this site was decent. Grow the fuck up, people.
(5 years ago)Urban dictionary user: England- A country in Western Europe with a mixed population. Invented the blah blah blah...
(Now) Urban dictionary user: a englend iz wen a gril wif croooked teet bites ur dick. dis becuz peeple in englennd hav bad teeth frm teh tee drinkin

Goodbye Urban Dictionary, you were great while you lasted...
by nobudhy December 30, 2009
Verb. To take a completely random word and give it a sexual/gross meaning. You can literally do this to every imaginable word.

This got its meaning from the popular site "Urban Dictionary", you may have heard of it.

On this site people have a habit of giving random words sexual or gross meanings and acting like said meaning is a popular usage of it, when in reality it's just something they made up 5 minutes ago.
Dude, i'm so bored. I'm going to Urban Dictionary some words.

Cat - To get a blowjob right after taking a piss.

by Bloodbath 87 March 04, 2009
Concrete proof of the degeneration of the human race's collective intelligence.
If you haven't lost your faith in humanity already, just spend a few minutes browsing Urban Dictionary. This is the next generation? Yup. We're doomed.
by omgnakedpeople June 10, 2007
urban dictionary... your very own source for pointless bullshit
Willard- Floyd... how do I find out what "noob" means?

Floyd- Well Willard... go to urban dictionary - your source for pointless bullshit! :-D
by John Henry III September 28, 2006
A website you go to, too kill time when it's not safe to look at porn.
My mom's home so I'll check out the urban dictionary instead of porn sites.
by benthere July 17, 2008
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