For when you just gotta know what it was that black guy said to you today...
Gangsta: Yo, G-dog. What the hizzle is up wizzle tha urbandictionizzle? It's mellow scrill yo!
White guy: WTF? DEFINITION: Hello, my friend. What is up with I think its great!
White guy: Oh.
by Mike Somename November 25, 2004
An online dictionary where people write defintions of slang terms. Unfortunately, there are more than a handful of users who love nothing more than to make insulting definitions that do not define the term they are "defining" at all.
<Good Urban Dictionary user> Okay, here's my defintion for "civic": A cheap and reliable economy car good for everyday driving.
<Bad Urban Dictionary user> *reads GUDS's definition* What the fuck, that's bullshit. It's a faggot car that gay-ass AzN gangstas rice the shit out of. I hate Civics and their drivers, all of them! AND I HATE COLORED PEOPLE TOO, FOR NO REASON, WHITE POWER LOLZ
by gs68 September 30, 2005
UrbanDictionary is a site where you can look up slang words. The site itself is a good idea, too bad that half of the definitions were added by stupid and hateful people, and it can be quite depressing 'cuz if you want to remove something, you have to fill a whole damn questionnary and it takes more time than posting comments.
no example
by Annie June 20, 2004
A website originally intended for posting slang, but has now become a magnet for various species of asshole. Racists, misogynists, misandrists, and other obnoxious people of questionable intelligence all infest this site, showing that sometimes even the coolest concept can degenerate beyond repair.
Urban Dictionary is proof that no matter how great your idea is, someone will attempt to sabotage it.
by Brandon Pilcher March 14, 2007
what wikipedia would turn into if it wernt for those admins and ppl with no life
A: man urban dictionary ! is full of shit
B: yeah thats wat u get when u let a whole bunch of 16 year-olds put what they want on the net
by Young Reezie January 24, 2008
An online cesspit of pre-teen nonsense, pretentiously corting itself as a "slang dictionary".

Most "entries" are unreadable, illiterate slops of pedantic shit stemming from the creativity-throttled minds of our braindead youth.

Most entries fall into the categories of irrelevent, self-centered claptrap (in which the subject is not the word being defined but "I"), redundant repetition of what has already been stated ("me too!"), incoherent arguments about absolutely nothing, over-opinionated screeds from those who are the most unqualified to comment on the subject, "this guy is gay", shameless self-promotion, whiny, insecure pleas for acceptance from total strangers on the internet, extreme irony, intoxicated non-sense, and on rare occasions; definitions of slang words used in the English language by various groups of people.

Nothing wrong with the site or the guy who made the site. Just something wrong with who uses and what is contained within.
It's fun to go on Urban Dictionary to laugh at stupid teenagers who take their worthless fashion trends too seriously.

Emo preppy goth sXe scene metal punk jock hardcore abercrombie rap nerd vegan hippie hot topic liberal conservative wigger gamer juggalo redneck hipster WHY DO YOU PEOPLE CARE??? WHAT ARE YOU GAINING FROM DEFINING YOUR ENTIRE LIVES BY MEANINGLESS LABELS??? WHY ARE YOU ALL SUCH INSECURE, VALIDATION-STARVED, UNORIGINAL CONFORMIST VAPID CUNTS???
by radium June 19, 2006
A battleground for trolls, flamers, fanboys, and elitists.
<UrbanDictionary user> So people likes anime, huh? Well I hate it, so I'll write a definiton saying that anyone who likes it is a fat 35-year-old Wapanese otaku who lives in his mom's basement!
by dj_gs68 November 01, 2003
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