a large audience of lots of idiots


avg weight, 200lbs


offed ness

"fuck you and your little dog todo too." Urban Dictionary
by todo May 10, 2013
what your on right now
"i like Urban dictionary"
by Raw Faith November 03, 2009
The "Ghetto" dictionary! A dictionary of slang and sometimes made up terms. The site that you are on right now.
"I had no clue what the word "Sizzurp" meant, so I had to look it up in the urban dictionary.
by Miss Pancho Villa October 28, 2009
See:The Tits
Urban Dictionary is the tits
by FucktardedScarecrow July 31, 2009
A place with funny definations but seem so serious they could be true.a website where you could define a word anyway you want like i defined urban dictionary.
person1=what are you doing?
person2=defining stuff on the internet
person1=what website.
person2=urban dictionary!
by Cornholiox5 July 01, 2009
the best website ever. it is just awesome.
"Go to Urban Dictionary.com"
by xThatsWhatSheSaidx June 19, 2009
A website that can be one/ is all of these things:

1. The only site to find words to use in your world since no real dictionary contains words like "noobs"

2. A site where dickhead scene and emo kids come on to complain and make everything serm like utter bullshit when it really ISN'T.

3. A site that acts mega-gay by putting sex related words into almost any Related Words section

4. A site with racist fucks

5. A site where you can get a good laugh.
1. Guy1: What's a "noob"?
Guy2: It's probably not in a real dictionary so check Urban Dictionary.
Guy1: Good idea!

2. Emo: I'm so angry at the world, I'm going on Urban Dictionary to rag on cool things to sound like a winner when I'm far from one. You in?
Scene: Hell yeah, bro. Let's cut ourselves and have butt sex afterwards.
Emo: Rightious...

3. Guy3: Eww, bro! I searched "preppy" up on Urban Dictionary and they gave me "dick", "sex", and "fuck"
Guy4: What the fuck! That's GAY!

4. Racist Bastard: WHITE/ BLACK POWER!

5. Guy5: Yo, search this word up on Urban Dictionary! It's funny as hell!
by JoeShmoWasHere June 15, 2009
A place where people who act like they are intelligent, get 'points across'

Hating America, Bush, Gas Prices, etc.
Anti-American: Hey! Go look at the latest America definition on Urban Dictionary!

Pro-American: Get a life...
by kyberkhaos June 14, 2009

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