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This site, dumbass

usually filled with pointless definitions relating to a very limited array of things, but occasionlly helpful
we are on the urban dictionary.com beotch!! get ready for pointless defining!!

if you want to make your definition more effective on the urband dictionary, try to avoid obsessive opinion spouting about people and races, this isnt the O'Reilly factor.
by jerskater March 12, 2008
a dictionary where you can add
your own definitions and make up
words usually in slang or ghetto
street talk.
can be also used to talk shit about
others and a good dose of shit about yourself.
wide usage by those who can't get
a real job as a PROFESSIONAL writer.
"let's go flood Urban Dictionary with definitions cuz I'm the man"

dipshit's sidekick:
"yeah yeah and we can post an extension bout my dick size"
by FCUKaLot August 19, 2008
A great site for me to figure out what the hell my kids are saying, while having a laugh and making fun of their friends.
Kid: My friend is not emo, she's scene!

Mom: What is scene? I'd better go look it up on Urban Dictionary so that I will know the definition and therefore be "cool" :P
by caitengl August 09, 2008
v. to look up on urbandictionary.com any word/phrase used by your friends when too embarrassed by your lack of dirty lingo to grow a pair and ask them.
What the hell is a pink sock? I'd better urbandictionary that shit before I get one!
by josh m. r. March 17, 2008
"Why does every definition in the Urban Dictionary have a reference to Marijuana?" Don't they know people are tryin to learn stuff..
Everything I look up in the urban dictionary refers to pot.
by inquisitive November 28, 2007
Where bored people to find out random definitions to random and sometimes slightly disturbing words...
Rachael: Let's go look up our names on Urban dictionary!

Me: OKAY!!!! FUN!!!!
by Bekkers November 17, 2007
UrbanDictionary, where all the examples aren't really examples but more of sexual fantasies the guys had about the topic.

UrbanDictionary, when you don't know what the fuck is it about that meme.

UrbanDictionary, see all the retarded stuff you didn't know before.

UrbanDictionary, We'll get you, Kakarot. We'll get you.

UrbanDictionary, it's not cool when there's a space between us.

UrbanDictionary, wtf since when was there a DAIPWNED anyway?

UrbanDictionary, I swear most of this is just sick shit.
UrbanDictionary. wtf is that?
by That Zero Guy June 01, 2007
A dictionary that tells you how to say masturbation, anus, penis and incest a million different ways.

She said her chocolate starfish has a pink sock now cos I pulled my thigh-slapping schlong out too fast, so I went to urbandictionary.com to find out what she meant. While there I found out that ‘mom’ means, “A manipulating, self-centered bitch.”
by wifflecube November 29, 2006