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This site, dumbass

usually filled with pointless definitions relating to a very limited array of things, but occasionlly helpful
we are on the urban dictionary.com beotch!! get ready for pointless defining!!

if you want to make your definition more effective on the urband dictionary, try to avoid obsessive opinion spouting about people and races, this isnt the O'Reilly factor.
by jerskater March 12, 2008
the universal cure.
Person: Today I was really down so i went on Urban Dictionary and it cured my blues.
by hazdaz March 21, 2009
the coolest thing online
who ever invented it is a genius
Urban Dictionary is sick man!
by Sharon Miller February 20, 2009
The dictionary of everything retarded.
Can be edited by non members to impose hate on other Humans, religeous groups, or others with different sexual preferences.

Though it is used like a cheap whore for students to shout retarded comments to one another, only once in a while are the entries even partially entertaining (see kory, lol, ect.).
Urban Dictionary is the Fail Network.

Your mom uses Urban Dictionary.

You get all your whiney come-backs from the Urban Dictionary?

Urban Dictionary = Epic waste of Bandwith
by Hell Angel January 25, 2009
Look up and a little to the left. It explains it.
Urban Dictionary is... where?
by Doctor Breen December 23, 2008
a website you visit when myspace is being a biotch and your to lazy to call a friend over or jerk off.
you can also define the stupid slang terms your friends have invented, give a dirty definition to everything from apple to zebra, or plainly just bitch about your haters.
UD Noob: "oo interesting! no one has defined rubber band yet!"
*typing in urban dictionary definition box*

Rubber band: sticking your head in someones private area and yelling out applesauce repeatedly.
by E-Tag! September 06, 2008
A site to look up stuff that you'd be too embarrassed to as you friends for. And, a great time waster.
When one of my friends says something that I'm not quite sure the definition of, I just go to Urban Dictionary for the answer. Or, to waste time when I'm bored
by Verbatim24 August 25, 2008
a dictionary where you can add
your own definitions and make up
words usually in slang or ghetto
street talk.
can be also used to talk shit about
others and a good dose of shit about yourself.
wide usage by those who can't get
a real job as a PROFESSIONAL writer.
"let's go flood Urban Dictionary with definitions cuz I'm the man"

dipshit's sidekick:
"yeah yeah and we can post an extension bout my dick size"
by FCUKaLot August 19, 2008