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This site, dumbass

usually filled with pointless definitions relating to a very limited array of things, but occasionlly helpful
we are on the urban dictionary.com beotch!! get ready for pointless defining!!

if you want to make your definition more effective on the urband dictionary, try to avoid obsessive opinion spouting about people and races, this isnt the O'Reilly factor.
by jerskater March 12, 2008
8 19
A website founded on a great idea but saturated by people trying to make personal insults (to millions of people who don't give a flying fuck about your vendetta with someone we've never met), and to make sexual connotations like alaskan pipeline or pipe line
Urban Dictionary is a place where you can be as stupid or vulgar as you want.
by Dan December 08, 2004
95 10
A place where everything winds up sexual. You could type in "life" and some pervert would say "Sex is why life was made." Seriously grow up.
Urban Dictionary is full or perverts.
by Stevepower August 21, 2006
111 28
A dictionary for brain-damaged people.

Basically EBaumsworld.com, but in text form. Popular amongst the same crowd as well.

(there's no way this will be published, but to the editors: please fucking kill yourselves or do something worthwhile with your lives. If this gets published then the previous message applies to all the definition writers as well. Seriously, you people are sad, sad losers.)
huh huh huh...urban dictionary is so awesome....huh huh....poop....huh huh....chuck norris.....huh huh....math is hard....
by Wally Wallies November 26, 2006
121 40
All told, a pretty good argument against democracy.
"Urban dictionary often seems like proof that people are unfit to rule themselves."
by Katya A March 15, 2007
96 28
A culmination of ignorance under the guise of a slang dictionary, with the rare intelligent definition lost amidst a sea of nonsense. Not to be taken seriously, though good for a cheap laugh on occasion.
1) Optimist: "Why don't you have any faith in mankind?"
Pessimist: "Because I visited Urban Dictionary..."

2) "I feel like self-victimizing some lifestyle/religion/etc., because the Media hasn't done it enough yet. I should go to Urban Dictionary!"

3) The student failed his essay because he took Urban Dictionary as a serious reference.

4) The child laughed as he posted another absurd definition for something he knew nothing about on Urban Dictionary.

5) The original creators of Urban Dictionary wept as their user-driven slang dictionary decayed into nothing more than a tragic joke.
by SpacePirateKhan April 09, 2008
94 27
The largest collection of misleading information I have ever seen on the internet.
You must have read that in the Urban Dictionary
by TheGeneral_D August 11, 2007
87 21
are you fucking kidding me???
do you seriously need a definition for urban dictionary? dude... you suck.
by un-dumbassify yourself, please February 22, 2010
91 29