1. a dictionary of slang.......rarely
2. a place for ironic, self-deprecating definitions such as this one
3. a place to bitch about "losers at school", rave about that girl/guy you fucked last night, diss other races or subcultures, etcetera
4. a place where people like myself bitch about the website yet use it all the time
5. a place where people who know what terms mean go to laugh at what other people think it means
1. dude: a guy or person
2. urban dic is GAY!
3. Roger: a gay fat loser who is gay gay gay
Black people: Dirty shitty nigger idiots
Goths: Gay fucking vampire wannabes who need to be shot
4. urban dictionary is so pointless!!!!
5. wow, these guys really think xinsertx means xinsertx thumbs down that shit
by skudge December 26, 2007
Originally a dictionary for slang, now just a place where people post their opinions on celebrities (not slang), TV Shows (not slang), bands (not slang), and anything else (except slang)
OMG Urban Dictionary!
by FlareNUKE October 15, 2006
are you fucking kidding me???
do you seriously need a definition for urban dictionary? dude... you suck.
by un-dumbassify yourself, please February 22, 2010
A miserable excuse for a dictionary. It is actually only a place for prepubescent morons to rant about what they believe defines their own inexperienced lives. Most of the contributors have not yet grown any hair on their balls, and have tarnished the reputation of the dictionary. Many of the words in this dictionary are fictional.
Any person who takes Urban Dictionary seriously is probably under 15 years of age.
by Mobster44 February 11, 2007
a dictionary that dumb teenagers post definitions on
The definition that the boy posted on Urban Dictionary was - "Toenail: a form of cheese"

by limpcheez May 02, 2007
Back when Urban Dictionary was in its early days, I used to respect the site. Sadly, since then many stupid little kids have invaded the place. They spend their days writing prejudiced 'definitions' and dribbling all over their keyboards.

Define my world? Wait, you're right. This shit pile is just an example of how sick and twisted the world is today. If you ever come here for something and you have a heart, chances are you'll be offended by some illiterate, deluded child's definition. (Opinion, I mean.) Solution? Don't visit here again, or better yet, leave the computer for a while.
<ghettog> lol seen the sand nigger defniton on urbn dictonary ?? lmao
<racistpunk33> lmao lol lol gay iraqis lol . seen the def 4 women?
<ghettog> lol dats fukin hilllarus ! now im gna write a def on spastic
<racistpunk33> o k lol im of to play halo3 on xbox live see ya


Urban Dictionary and YouTube must have gotten in bed together.
by ShaunCollier June 10, 2007
A website known for the large quantities of idiots that fill its pages with hours upon hours of senseless internet fights.
If I see one more entry on Urban Dictionary where someone is simply ranting about something, I'll kill someone. Use MySpace for the afforementioned purpose. Or, you could get a life! *big thumbs up*
by BrokenMirror1313 September 10, 2006
The ultimate site to procrastinate on.
Andrew was doing his homework, but then started looking up definitions on Urban Dictionary.
by Nytesdawn October 03, 2012

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