1. a dictionary of slang.......rarely
2. a place for ironic, self-deprecating definitions such as this one
3. a place to bitch about "losers at school", rave about that girl/guy you fucked last night, diss other races or subcultures, etcetera
4. a place where people like myself bitch about the website yet use it all the time
5. a place where people who know what terms mean go to laugh at what other people think it means
1. dude: a guy or person
2. urban dic is GAY!
3. Roger: a gay fat loser who is gay gay gay
Black people: Dirty shitty nigger idiots
Goths: Gay fucking vampire wannabes who need to be shot
4. urban dictionary is so pointless!!!!
5. wow, these guys really think xinsertx means xinsertx thumbs down that shit
by skudge December 26, 2007
The worst dictionary in the world, written by people who seriously do not know what they are writing about.
The student failed to graduate from university because he used Urban Dictionary as his only source of information.
by !????????????????????????????! December 06, 2011
A website where philistines can learn everything they need to know, to bastardise the great English language.
Gz, the bastardisation of 'Congratiations'. Other examples can be found int eh Urban Dictionary.
by Kiphal November 27, 2011
This website, smart one.
Guy 1: Hey, are you on urban dictionary.com?
Guy 2: What's that? Let me look that up...
by Capsen November 25, 2011
A place where a definition for the word "Classical Music" is an expository essay on why rap sucks.... Which it does... But still.
Herp Derp I am an "intellectual." I listen to classical music. I don't have any real talent at all, and I am pissed off because I am on my period and I just lost the game. I am going to post on Urban Dictionary that rap sucks in the definition of classical music.
by Ilikechocolatemilkwenches October 16, 2011
A site that typically defines slang of any kind. Over the past years people started posting their own words (that really don't exist even in pop culture) and they will define them.

Also people try to keep defining the same word like sex over and over again. Come on. You can get a better answer from google of what that thing is that you're looking for. Another thing that irks me is the fact that people don't know how to use ellipsis points, i.e. ...
For example: kevinzok. It's not a word. You've never heard of it, but look what someone wrote about it


This is just proving that most of the stuff posted here is just fake/made up.

As for the ellipsis points being overused here is an example:

Yo dude... How are you today... I'm pretty good, but I don't know what's going on... Do we have school today?...

That's urban dictionary for you.
by Kralkiikii September 03, 2011
The coolest dictionary website i've ever used. :D
Person 1: Where can i find definitions that are funny?
Person 2: urban dictionary, check it out.
by Bunnies! July 30, 2011
This site.
The Urban Dictionary is what you are on right this moment.
by coveredinflies April 06, 2011

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