1. a dictionary of slang.......rarely
2. a place for ironic, self-deprecating definitions such as this one
3. a place to bitch about "losers at school", rave about that girl/guy you fucked last night, diss other races or subcultures, etcetera
4. a place where people like myself bitch about the website yet use it all the time
5. a place where people who know what terms mean go to laugh at what other people think it means
1. dude: a guy or person
2. urban dic is GAY!
3. Roger: a gay fat loser who is gay gay gay
Black people: Dirty shitty nigger idiots
Goths: Gay fucking vampire wannabes who need to be shot
4. urban dictionary is so pointless!!!!
5. wow, these guys really think xinsertx means xinsertx thumbs down that shit
by skudge December 26, 2007
a porn glossary
i learned what "beat the squirt" and 'playing the rusty trombone" means on urban dictionary.
by gerllamawolf October 17, 2013
A website in which young children can search for slang terms and potentially lose their virginity.
Caroline taught Joseph how to use the internet. Caroline left the room for an hour and joseph had added several exceedingly rude words to his vocabulary. Caroline then thought, "Oh dear lord he found Urban Dictionary."
by Psuendymous Name Ud October 13, 2013
the place where you can find the meaning to the words your black friends say.
person 1: that girl ratchet!

person 2: uh... y..yeah... yeah she sure is.

later that day

*goes to urban dictionary and searches the word ratchet*

person 2: so that's what it means...
by Kira Savior October 13, 2013
The place where perverts love to gather.
1. I love Urban Dictionary it teaches me how to charizard or be a angry dragon.

2. I love all these sex positions.
by Bobthebuilder2936523967392 October 05, 2013
Urban Dictionary is a website run by dicks that won"t ever publish your words.
Dude, Urban Dictionary didn't publish my word!

I know, it's because they're retards!
by Urbandictionarysucksballsacs September 05, 2013
A site on which people with too much free time(generally highschool and/or college underclassmen) add words and phrases to a dictionary that either insult others, are useless or are conceited attempts by egocentric individuals to improve their own self worth by creating some bullshit definition that, while possibly helpful to select few, further degrades society and further proves the decline in society.
Outside of some of the more informed definitions for words, this dictionary is full of conflicting and useless banter.
Just press random.... you'll see this decline on Urban Dictionary
by DaemonKind August 22, 2013
A place where you take a word and put your own opinion as the definition.
Urban Dictionary - That place where you look up your name and feel good about yourself

Justin Bieber - The worst singer ever

Xbox - Fucking horrible

PS3 - Sucks dick

PC - Fanbase thinks they're the best
by qwerty qwerteh August 12, 2013
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