A user-updated online dictionary that is often mistaken for a messageboard by some of the more simple-minded denizens of the Internet!
"Hmm, I think after I get done whacking off to crudely-drawn furry "vore" drawings, I'll go rebut the definitions of "Slipknot" with a definition of my own that doesn't actually define the word for anyone who doesn't know it already, but that'll totally put those h8-3rs in their place! I'm cool because I use numbers instead of letters sometime."
by Crank September 28, 2003
Used to be a good site for reference on urban definitions. Until retarded faggots came and fucked it up because they couldn't have the balls to say things to people's faces OR they wanted use it as their personal chatroom. Urbandictionary.com has so many worthless, pointless definitons which are incoherent and just plain dumb. If you want a definition removed you can't remove it, OHH NO, oh you have to fill out a fucking form which states your fuckin reason for why the fuck you want the retarded definition removed. Even the Editors can't delete the bad definitions that they wnat to, they're only allowed to delete the ones Urbandictionary gives them. Seriously it's a load of Bullshit. If this site gave the editors the rights to delete bad definitions of any sort, this site wouldn't be as crappy as it is now.
(a def.)
James: The hotest boy I've ever seen. He's popular and sweet. I want him to marry me.
James, I hope you marry me and kiss me and love me 4everandever dude and when we're old you'll take me to the prom!!
Wuv U Jayme :--)
(Human Being after reading this):
Who the hell is James? I thought this was a reference site for urban definitions, not a gay-ass chatroom with just a bunch of mindless faggoty teenagers!!!!
by Truth March 31, 2005
1. The place where people who got banned from Wikipedia go and post factually-wrong information to make them feel smart and superior. You may feel smart on this website, but it doesn't change the fact that you're a fat, turnip-faced failure in real-life.

2. A site with even more shameless attention whoring than Myspace and Facebook combined.

3. Quite possibly the biggest collection of retards and losers only rivaled by GameFAQs. Where every glaring stereotype of Internet message board posters can be found in all their moronic, 13-year old glory.

4. Edited by a bunch of dense-as-lead 40-year old deadbeats who have no idea about anything regarding slang terms, and just signed up so they could feel powerful online over a bunch of whiny tweens. They sometimes reject publishing names, but keep all the blatantly racist and factually-wrong entries. I can find at least a dozen racist entries under the "newest" tab a day. Great job, editards!

5. The toilet of the Internet. If only the webmaster would just flush it already.
There needs to be a disclaimer on Urbandictionary's frontpage warning about the IQ-decreasing effects that the content of this site contains.
by radium July 09, 2006
A dictionary that contains "definitions" of words written by sad people who are sad because they are ugly and have no friends. These sad people try to make something of their lives by going on the shitty opinions forum to read and argue about informations written by other equally pathetic failures. Urban dictionary went to extreme lengths to find members who could define the terms girlfriend, sex, walking away from the computer, and having a life. Although the extensive search was unsuccessful, they found people from the outside world to define it for them.
U r all a bunch of ugly or fat inbred kunts. Nobody cares what you think about religion or politics or race. You are not funny or smart and nobody respects you. Many of you will read this and try to find errors in spelling or grammar so that you can use it to write up another definition... of the incorrectness of my definition. Just to keep you from getting bored I'll tell you that I'm of black, asian, mexican and jewish decent so you can write up insults and entertain yourselves until the day you die a virgin. Urban Dictionary.
by uravirgin July 11, 2006
a pile of shit web site that needs some serious tlc from its creators
The urban dictionary was overrun with lame and unfounded entries by a bunch of 12 year olds.
by Dave Erickson March 18, 2007
A place where everything winds up sexual. You could type in "life" and some pervert would say "Sex is why life was made." Seriously grow up.
Urban Dictionary is full or perverts.
by Stevepower August 21, 2006
A dictionary where people come to show off their usage and
clever defenitions of words nobody cares about.
EMO- A word that is used way too much on urban dictionary.
by lo-dog December 29, 2005
A website that pretends to be a slang dictionary, but is used by Communists to spread their propaganda.

Sean used Urban Dictionary to try and spread his political views.
Communists seem to visit Urban Dictionary more than anyone.

And, often the editors don't like definitions like this.
by oooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeww December 30, 2009

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