To look on Urban Dictionary mainly to use them when you're talking to people then mocking them if they have no idea what it means.
Billy: Roger, you are a technotard.
Roger: What the hell is that?
Billy: HAHA you noob.
Roger: You Urban Dick.
Billy: .....
Roger: Fuck you, Billy, Fuck you.
by Eric Mcawesome September 05, 2007
Someone who overutilizes a myriad of terms they've obviously gotten from urban dictionary. Similar to someone inserting a bit of jargon or other awkward 10 cent words into their speech.
The other day Pip said something about keeping the hyphy out of their house with minority filters or else he'd have to give them a screaming seagull... what a fucking urban dick.
by Master Christ St. John June 14, 2006
A guy who spends all his spare time on urban dictionary.
Jeff T: Hey, Jeff, do you want to go to the strip club with me and Tom and Carl tonight?

Jeff G: Nah. I gotta check out the latest action on urbandictionary dude!

Jeff T: What an urban dick!
by Go-Go Goven May 28, 2006
A Dirty Gigilo or a male- prositute in a City
" Lucy have you heard , your husband is an Urban Dick"
by JOE565 November 22, 2006
(n.) -- Nickname, in a friendly and easy-to-pronounce form, for a popular online dictionary called the Urban Dictionary.
"I love seeing the new definitions of words that keep popping up daily on the Urban Dick! It's a really cool online dictionary."

-- overheard at a watercooler in Chicago, November 12, 2009
by PRwiz101 November 15, 2009
1)Someone who misspells frequently on 2)or someone who adds a word only they because of their lonely, lonely, life.
That urbandick spelled queef, kueef, what a n00b.
by connorking999 October 25, 2006
rich mother fuckers from the suburbs of big cities who always carry and emimate an attitude of "my shit's better than yours, you weak bitch," and don't hesitate to use the names of the cities from whose suburbs they come as a tool of self-empowerment
That fucking urban dick Jamie who claims he's straight up from Philly just got tea bagged by my homey Adam.
by b-flushin' February 22, 2004

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