1.(n) - a person who uses urbandictionary as a messsage board or frequently engages in name-dropping. Hated by respectable urbandictionary users everywhere.
Unfortunately, I get the impression that 90% of people that submit to this site are urbandicks
by Damoclese July 22, 2004
Someone who refuses to share this site so they can look cool in front of their friends, and no one else can find out.
"Im such and urbandick I won't even bookmark this site, and I'll erase the history, yeah, thats what I'll do"
by TCV February 02, 2007
A: The editors who don't choose your awesome definitions for Word of the Day.

B: Authors who have had their definition featured on Word of the Day but have sucky def.'s that get more thumbs down than thumbs up.
A: Come on bro, Making Al Gore Angry is the best definition yet! Dumb Urban Dicks making me unhappy.

B: movember, cocktail weenie, bullshine, different hats, call the roll, microvisit, anuscript, NIB, and especially burning envy are all from Urban Dicks
by Beanstalker November 05, 2009
A derogatory term and a portmanteau of Urban Dictionary and Dick.
Referring to a person who sincerely believes on every crappy word and its meaning from Urban Dictionary just as he or she does to Wikipedia. Usually uses Urban Dictionary(dot com) for word reference instead of other credible sites.
An urban dick zealously visits the said site to expand his or her vocabulary with degenerated forms of English.
Dude: You need child supervision, amirite?

Mod: STFU Urban Dick
by William Dexter June 13, 2010
One who uses this site to post the same irrelevent bullshit definitions of meaningless words and warped sexually deviant sexual acts,or one who constantly whines that definitions aren't "ghetto slang" or whines wbout how "this site is't a message board" like that last fuck.
Drop dead you whining fucking emo-fag/urbandick.
by you whine like an urbandick September 29, 2005
An Urban Dick is an Urban Dictionary user who spends time slagging off all the definitions for words like 'epic', 'facepalm', 'fail' and other similar terms which are used frequently all over the internet. An urban dick will class all of these terms as 'overused' and will often bitch and moan about the fact that so many people have written definitions for such words; what an urban dick may fail to realize is that they are actually just adding to the large number of definitions, with an even worse definition of their own (see example #1).
An urban dick may feel that they are more 'hip' or 'cool' or just feel superior to others; 'because having an alternative opinion is totally cool!'
The average urban dick may try and make up something philosophical in a meager attempt to bring somebody around to their point of view and get at least one 'thumbs up' (see example #2).
The irony about Urban Dicks is that they commonly complain about users of urban dictionary who spend all day on here writing 'pointless' definitions, whilst more often than not, they are the ones who spend all day on the site, in a futile attempt to spread their ego as far and wide across the site as they can.
#1, from a definition of 'Epic': the most overused word ever, next to fail. for even more asshole points...

#2, from a definition of 'Religion':
Everyone needs to feel superior somehow, and if you can prove you're better than a great segment of the world population, then you will most likely engage in an activity similar to what's been done here.

FOR MORE EXAMPLES, simply browse through definitions of widespread internet terms and skip to the last page for each, where you will find all the moaning from the Urban Dicks.
by fluorescent April 20, 2009
One who uses Urban Dictionary to rant about there ideals.

One who has to project their ideas on to everybody in any way possible.
Don't look up any political figures on Urban Dictionary, or you'll just get definitions by Urban Dicks.
by Mcwilliams;) February 07, 2010
the guy at urbandictionary.com who rejects really good word definitions.
Man, I submitted my word and that urbandick rejected it!
by Caroline69 January 16, 2009
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