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sweet looking game for Game Boy Advance. features a yeti who can either destroy the city, or try to hide from the citizens in the city.
Hey, have you seen the box cover of the Game Boy Advance game? Pretty sweet, eh. Look at it at
by El_Scorcho August 28, 2003
10 4
a terrifying creature rumored to roam the University of Rochester campus eating South Asians and Samosa.
Have you seen Manpreet lately? -A
B- "NO! Do you think she got eaten by the Urban Yeti on her way to Gleason?!"
by oolongblues July 27, 2009
1 4
Any excesively hairy human in any civilized enviroment. Natural habitats include the beach, sporting events, and little italy.

see also: hippie, wookie, muzzy, arab
fetch the clippers and the nets, we're gonna catch us an urban yeti!
by urban_yeti May 27, 2004
3 11