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A random person from a city. A person that blends into a crowd. A wall flower. A person that make no noticable contribution to society.
"Did you get a good look at him?'
"Why not?"
"He's an Urban X, you just look right though him."
by Draconix February 21, 2005
(1)Completely going ape shit on whoever pisses you off, commonly used with smart ass remarks.(2) Going on a cussing rant when some pisses you off, making them feel like complete shit. (3) Going ham on anyone who thinks they are hard. (4) Constantly calling people women who are obviously men. Then cracking every woman joke you know at them. (5) Getting past the realm and reality of life. (6) The stage after going plain urbanK on a person
"Fucking fagget. Get the fuck back in the kitchen."
My god Brian just went urbanX on alan.
by urbanK07 April 28, 2010
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