Seikh who lives in the city.
Hoodie) Yo ma nizzle hows it hanging bro?
Gangsta) Yo mutha fucka it's hanging bad there's a new gang in town... The urban turbans and they wear shit hats.
Gangsta) Fo' shizzle ma nizzle
by Hakim Sanchez February 04, 2003
Top Definition
a shirt half-folded and wrapped around your head
mowed the lawn today, so i rocked the urban turban - you know
by warhungry May 31, 2010
A gangster muslim.
I thought that thug was a mexican, but it turns out he's an urban turban.
by Woob May 25, 2004
de rigueur headwear of the streets, currently stocking caps
He looked all menacing with his urban turban pulled down over his night goggles.
by Herb N. Dictionary October 25, 2002
When you drape a t-shirt over your head with the collar on your forehead. You tie the arms together behind your head and then you're ready to cross the urban desert.
We had to walk five blocks in the july heat to get to the bball court, so I did an urban turban so I wouldn't get ashy.
by TreeWeezel November 01, 2011
a term used when a turban sighting is noticed in an environment where it is not normally seen, used to signal others so that they can notice as well. The urban turban is most effective when the juxtaposition of the east and west is most apparent.
urban turban examples - Doctor wearing turban, business suit and briefcase turban, swimming coach turban, woman turban, quicksilver surfer turban, in-line skater turban, old navy turban, Santa turban,
Jesus turban, biker turban, etc.
by pakimastani September 14, 2010
Nickname for veteran Texas born blues guitarist Sonny Rhodes. It is a self proclaimed title because of the red turban he dons on stage.
Sonny Rhodes a/k/a "the Urban Turban"
by Unskinnybob February 08, 2009
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