If you dont like urbandictionary, dont go to this site, dumbass.
Shows how smart you *try* to be you fucking moron
by [smartass] May 29, 2004
Top Definition
Slang for the collective dictionary made of all the ridiculous words on this site, including random people's names, made up bullshit words, incoherent babble, and repetitive definitions of words that have already been defined 138 times in the same way. A.K.A. 90% of the definitions on this site.
"Nick D has over 500 words on urban dictionary."
"Yeah but how many does he have on urban ridictionary?"
"Just one: 'urban ridictionary'."
"Oh, that's cool."

Nerd 1: "Hey Petey, let go play chess or hang out at the library."
Nerd 2: "Not now, I think I'm gonna go on urban ridictionary and post bad definitions of guys that shoved me in my locker at school, or maybe post a 759th definition of strong bad that's the exact same as the rest of them and makes no sense."
Nerd 1: "Sounds like a good time. Isn't homestarrunner the cat's meow?"
Normal person: "No, it sucks."
by Nick D February 10, 2004
Does anyone see the irony here?
"urban ridictionary" is a bullshit word that somebody made up, thus it is an example of a word in the "urban ridictionary."
by smokin' joe June 27, 2004
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