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When an UD submission bounces around in limbo for months, receiving exactly as many approvals as disapprovals.
Dude: Where's that cool word you made up? Rejected?
Dude 2: No, it's still bouncing around in urban purgatory.
by TreeWeezel April 15, 2011
The place you go when Urban Dictionary sends you emails saying that 2 or 3 of your definitions have been accepted and will appear on the site within the next few days, and then more than a month or two later you're still waiting to see them published.
Jake: Hey, man, didn't you say you were gonna be on Urban Dictionary? Man, I check it every day and I haven't seen your shit yet!

Bill: I know, dog! Guess I'm in whatcha might call Urban Purgatory!
by Vagabond King April 09, 2010
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