Style of underground music embraced by hipsters rooted in punk rock, on the west coast. Specifically, the title is attributed to bands in the east bay, with some being on the record label asian man records, with notable exceptions.

History: The term came from the title of the band Pteradon's song, Urban Pirate Style. Originally, the song is a satire of self indulgent punk rockers who otherwise would have neglected the scene, however, this title was adopted and attributed to bands which have a firm DIY punk rock background, but may appear to fit more into the hipster/indie rock scene. Examples include, Pteradon, Joyce Manor, and Mane Horse, just to name a few.
Want to go see Shinobu tonight? What do they sound like? They're like West Coast Urban Pirate.
by indiejazzlove August 10, 2012
Top Definition
A person that lives in the city, whether it be big or small, or elsewhere that is not on the open sea, that partakes in the ritual of stealing anything he can get his hands on.

In the plural sense, a band of urban pirates may go and steal things because they are bored, not just because it makes them feel good.
John: I'm bored.
Kyle: Me too.
Sarah: Me too.
John: Let's go steal something!
All: Okay! *Urban pirates get up and leave their dwelling to plunder a street sign, rum, or whatever else may look appealing to them at the time*
by Quentin Pasternak July 30, 2006
A hobo living downtown, with one eye, and an eyepatch, hence the term pirate. Usually has a 1980's bright pink windbreaker, safeway shopping cart filled with blankets, empties, etc.
allison: "what! THERE"
mike: "Arrgg me heartie!"
allison: "Check for an eyepatch!"
matt: "there!"
*all*: "URBAN PIRATE!"
by miklus May 25, 2006
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