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The new type of pimp. Urban pimps are whiter than G's. Dark skins are usually considered to be gangstas if they know how to be chingy while the urban pimp is chingy and knows how to hustle. Urban pimps do not dress like the old genration of pimps. They wear brand new clothing lines like PW, have loose clothes, have bling and the biggest change, have more respect for their woman. Urban pimps can be doing the same activity as G's but have the brains to know how to create buisness and have a real rep for themselves while not falling in a less-than-hip class. The new style emurging on the streets.
"yo did ya see dat white chingy gangsta on da street?"

"Ya dawg but dat ain't no gangsta, dat's an urban pimp"
by Robeyblade October 29, 2006
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