An overpriced chain store, found at most malls, that knocks off vintage clothing and independent designers while raising the price to something only hipsters supported by their suburban parents, and yuppies can afford
"Dude, the $60 plaid shirt I just bought from Urban Outfitters is dec as hell!"
by jerome12345678 July 04, 2009
a store that sells cool, indie/hipster, vintage-looking, overpriced clothes.
I used to want to model for urban outfitters, but then I realized I had a butt & boobs.
by floating_goat April 21, 2011
Where Rich kids go to look poor, because looking like your not stylish is stylish.
James - Dude, that chick must be really poor huh

Roger - Naw, dude she shops at Urban Outfitters,

James - Rich Skank!
by the art trend sucks March 17, 2009
A clothing store for the urban, fashion-forward thinkers. It is an urban yet retro style for anyone, and they also sell house decor as well as cameras and knick knacks.
Read if you LOVE Urban Outfitters

NOTE: Fashion at UO is consistently copied from, also ripped off by mainstream, poser, teenage stores like Hollister Co., American Eagle, and Aeropostale which later you can see on the posers you hate at school or college kids at the mall.

You KNOW it's true
by honestwhisper September 27, 2010
A very expensive thrift store, enough said.
I shop at Urban Outfitters because i have to much money, and i would NEVER be seen in a thrift store.
by XfourthmealX June 20, 2009
A store popular with kids who were picked on in High School and now wrap their identity around expensive T-shirts that have funny little sayings in cute colors. Employees usually listen to Bright Eyes and cry when they masturbate. Was founded on hippie ideals of free love and cheap clothing, but now sells Lacoste, Diesel, and jeans with holes and bleach stains that cost hundreds of dollars. Misleads shoppers, making them believe they are special, unique, or funny because of an asymmetrical collar or Led Zepplin logo. Distracts customers with bright colors and decor so they don't realize they are actually paying $150 for a beanbag chair.
"Everybody loves a Jewish/Catholic/Irish/Redheaded/Asian/Fat girl! HAHA I am so clever! I'm really going to turn heads tonight at The Killers concert!"
by PJ J July 16, 2005
Where rich 20-somethings go to buy overpriced clothing that will make them appear like they're wasting Mommy and Daddy's money on threads that will make them appear independent, intellectual, and poor. Basically the biggest hypocrisy ever. If you want to look different and on a budget, just shop around.
Melanie and her friends went to Urban Outfitters to buy a fifty dollar striped black and white t-shirt for the concert, while Chrissy got hers at a thrift store for $10.
by I like the Smiths April 09, 2006

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