Hollister for Hipsters
I bought this cheap T shirt with distressing, fading and ripped seams. It has a vintage print of Tony the Tiger and a Frosted Flakes box labelled in Korean at Urban Outfitters.

I bought the exact same thing, except it says "Hollister" on it
by Ol' McStinker February 26, 2008
Someone who shops at Urban Outfitters.
Girl 1: "I shop at Abercrombie & Fitch."
Girl 2: "I'm an Urban Outfitter."
by miiiiiim~ August 29, 2009
Pretty much a cool place to shop. Why ppl dont like is beyond me. The kinds of people that shop there include: Hipsters, scene kids, "normal" people, and just anyone who want to look cool.
"wanna go to Urban Outfitters?" "Ummm...k"
by A person who is hungry January 13, 2008
An overrated urban store which sells nothing but strange yet quirky stuff suitable for those who either prefer not to be labled but are labled anyway or preps attempting to show their deep side.
OMG Urban Outfitters everything is so cool and unique and I might fool myself into thinking I have a sense of individualism if I shop here!
by Katykitkatkate October 18, 2010
A store that was actually founded in Philadelphia in 1970. It is a store catering to the urban taste with upscale names. Their stores are in select locations that are "urban" enough for the company's standards. It is very popular amongst indie people, hipsters, and artsy people. Though the first Urban Outfitters on Walnut St in Philly is now an Anthropologie, it still has awesome clothes!
Woman 1: Did you know Urban Outfitters was founded in Philadelphia?

Woman 2: Thank goodness for tax free shopping there!

Gay Man: Urban Outfitters has such cute clothes when I'm feeling artsy!
by coastiemeetsmidwest July 25, 2009
noun: an indie person; a person that dresses in clothing that could be found at the store Urban Outfitters (even if the clothing wasn't bought there)
Hey, look at that Urban Outfitter.
by ohno241 June 11, 2010
A place where you pay a lot of money to look like a homeless person
Are those clothes from goodwill or urban outfitters?
by Cuddlebuggles March 20, 2015

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