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A person who looks for cans,bottles or anything that they can sell for money.
There was a urban miner searching for cans on the side of the freeway. They can also be a Can Fisher
by Mr.Pickleslives March 29, 2007
An urban miner is usually somebody of the tweaker variety who scavenges old junk and whatnot for copper or other semi precious metals.
Tweaker:I'm going up to China Hat to collect a couple of hundred pounds of bullet casings for a ten bag. You in?
Other tweaker; Naw, I'm gonna dig me some copper out of a dead washer and dryer I seen in the neighbors yard the other night.
First Tweaker:We're legitimate urban miners!
Both tweakers clink their cans of Camo and 211 together.
by Tikidoll July 16, 2008

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