The exploration of diverse urban environments on foot. The concept of urban hiking is gaining traction, and there are web sites devoted to promoting the activity. Urban hiking is the most natural, healthy, unintrusive way to explore a city.
I'm heading into the city for the day. Going to take music with me, and do some urban hiking.

I wandered into an insane store called "Sixth Avenue Aquarium" store while urban hiking through Inner Richmond yesterday.
by Lee K July 02, 2007
Top Definition
extensive shopping in a city shopping district (aka urban hiking trail) where paths or sidewalks adjoining different stores are open-air rather than enclosed.

the opposite of the typical mall shopping format found in a suburb, which is completely enclosed.
what did you do today?

oh, I went to the city for some urban hiking since the weather was so nice!
by (^(oo)^)v September 28, 2010
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