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Urban Dictonary The site you are currently on made up of user submitted definitions of slang and somtimes meaningless words
I can't belive no one has written a definition for Urban Dictonary Until now 12:05 A.M. EST 07/16/04
by Chase July 15, 2004
348 189
The place where one goes to piss away two hours looking up words like "computer" or "geek' "Assclown" and "emo"
Pixie spent an entire sunday afternoon looking up silly words :)
by Pixie05 June 26, 2005
180 92
Where you are now. a very entertaining and addictive website that can bring so many laughs. a place to waste your time. a place to go when your slacking off at work. a place to find very weird and creative sex positions.
Guy # 1 with no life: I spent all fucking day on the urban dictonary, dude

Guy # 2: Get a life, bro
by jiujitsujack August 08, 2009
81 49
Urban Dictionary is a complete shit hole of a site that only wankers use.
Go fuck yourself, Urban Dictonary.
by Cockslapper9000 April 28, 2013
7 2
The best website on the planet
Urban dictonary The only site where you can find lyrics to fuck a duck
by Joe jones January 14, 2013
7 2
urban dictonary is the greatist dictionary ever
"have you ever been to the best dictonary ever".

"no, wats it called".

"urban dictonary, duh".
by justin busch November 09, 2007
56 80