Something for finding definitions urban style
Lets check urban dictionary
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by strakerak January 15, 2012
An online collection of words, 95% of which are ill-defined. This due to the website's reliance on socially under developed dorks, forty year-old virgins and hyper reactionary losers who think they are politically "involved.

On occasion, it provides some entertainment, but it is usually populated by angst ridden tirades by people who lash out at their betters.

While some readers may be offended at learning they are lesser beings, they should be reminded they came to Urban Dictionary of their own free will. They worked to get here, that says it all.
"I read about that on Urban Dictionary."

"I'm sorry."
#urban dictionary #losers #nerds #dorks #pathetic
by Guido555 October 27, 2011
A shitty web service that caters to toilet humor for kids and the mentally-challenged.
Instead of bringing women back to his apartment, 24-year-old Jimmy spent his time laughing at the ladyboner definition on Urban Dictionary.
#low iq #droupout #toilet humor #waste of time #dumb
by your girlfriend is your hand September 17, 2011
A place where mostly a bunch of low life losers and dickheads who have nothing better to do with their time write up definitions of words that end up being mostly racist or sexist in nature. They do this to take out their frustrations and also because they like to believe they are funny and think their insulting definitions show they are better than anyone else who may be slightly different from them or simply because they are ignorant fuckers who show off their lack of intelligence. What these people don't realize is that they are showing off to the world they are a bunch of brainless dickwads who need to get a real life with real meaning rather than spending countless hours trying to think of the most insulting definitions they can. These people should congratulate themselves for proudly showing off they are better than the people they target for insult and ridicule since they obviously feel they need to prove to themselves and others they are better because deep down they believe themselves to be worthless scum, the load their mothers should havs swallowed instead.
Urbandictionary has been overrun by maggot brained losers.
#asshole #fucker #loser #douche bag #false pride
by johno4562 September 14, 2011
Urban Dictionary is website based on people’s opinion’s. They define word, people and other things of human nature. It is a place where they can express what they feel about the word or person without being known who had wrote it. They sometimes match you or what you or others do. Other times when you look up someone else their opinion might be true other times not. For example
BRANDON: A godly man that carries himself with pride and dignity and loves only one woman. His sexual prows is legendary and craved by women near and far but experienced by very few. In my case I find this not true about the one I know. It is also found true about another Brandon I know. Most people would describe me as a bitch or hot or ugly. That is their opinion here is Urban’s. ALICIA: an AMAZING girl with AMAZING boobs. usually a brunette. has a lot of fun, and is a happy person. is usually pretty confusing, and very VERY flirty. The first note describes me to many people and myself. This next word has many meanings to people. Some hate it , some just can’t get enough. LOVE:Love is giving someone the power to destroy you, and trusting them not to. This one, well this person obviously can go two ways. 1. Either they had just had their heart broken and was putting their opinion into words or 2. They really trust this person and hope this is what happens. Well hope you enjoyed my definition of URBAN DICTIONARY. Have fun and keep on opinionating
Girl#1 How is he in bed?
Girl#2 Idk Look him up on urban dictionary
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by alicia2011 August 03, 2011
An online "dictionary" where people can write their own definitions to words.
Leave it to Urban Dictionary to teach you everything you never knew you didn't want to know.
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by JayJay74656 May 27, 2011
where you go when your bored and want to learn a new word anything from perity to cockblocker
urban dictionary lol =) i love it
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by push2talk April 23, 2011
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