the site your on right now stupid
urban dictionary is the best site ever!!
by blaaaaaaaaaaaaajaaaaaaaaaah July 26, 2010
Urban Dictionary def. of Urban dictionary.

"A battleground for trolls, flamers, fanboys,weaboos and elitists."
<Urban Dictionary user> So people likes anime, huh? Well I hate it, so I'll write a definiton saying that anyone who likes it isn't a weaboo, when they really are!"

<Urban Dictionary user 2> Horray! I'm not a weaboo, even though I <3 weaboo stuff!

<Urban Dictionary user 3> LIES.
by pwndlol April 15, 2010
The Wikipedia of dictionaries, Urban Dictionary is the rallying point for people with sick and clever minds alike. A great place for a great laugh. Way better than a real dictionary. And not a waste of paper, either :D
HANNAH: Hey, what does gloggenschnorff mean?
JENNIFER: Didn't you just make that up?
HANNAH: Oh yeah.
JENNIFER: You should post it on Urban Dictionary!!
by Izaebele February 05, 2010
Gods Gift To Earth For White People Like Me
What Does Phat Mean Homeboy.

Look It Up On Urban Dictionary That Site Was Made For Your People.
by Amber Jonas January 07, 2010
Where people go, if they are too lazy to look in a real dictionary... this ones better (:
"Wow. your delusional!"
-looks on Urban Dictionary-
by FelixB666XD December 13, 2009
A quick and easy way to promote unscrupulous hatred using the power of the world wide interweb.
Don't upset me or i will Urban dictionary your name and work and in no time everyone that searches you on the internet will believe you are horrible and your work is disgusting. You will lose business and respect so fast it will make your head spin.
Lots of people will read this, and give whatever background information you want, because they really don't care.
by Youhypocrites November 12, 2009
A web dictionary where you can find meanings of basically slang language and mostly american slang words.
in urban dictionary you might find words like automagically. indoorsman , right of stay etc.
by loko1894 November 10, 2009

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