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See:The Tits
Urban Dictionary is the tits
by FucktardedScarecrow July 31, 2009
A place with funny definations but seem so serious they could be true.a website where you could define a word anyway you want like i defined urban dictionary.
person1=what are you doing?
person2=defining stuff on the internet
person1=what website.
person2=urban dictionary!
by Cornholiox5 July 01, 2009
the best website ever. it is just awesome.
"Go to Urban Dictionary.com"
by xThatsWhatSheSaidx June 19, 2009
A website that can be one/ is all of these things:

1. The only site to find words to use in your world since no real dictionary contains words like "noobs"

2. A site where dickhead scene and emo kids come on to complain and make everything serm like utter bullshit when it really ISN'T.

3. A site that acts mega-gay by putting sex related words into almost any Related Words section

4. A site with racist fucks

5. A site where you can get a good laugh.
1. Guy1: What's a "noob"?
Guy2: It's probably not in a real dictionary so check Urban Dictionary.
Guy1: Good idea!

2. Emo: I'm so angry at the world, I'm going on Urban Dictionary to rag on cool things to sound like a winner when I'm far from one. You in?
Scene: Hell yeah, bro. Let's cut ourselves and have butt sex afterwards.
Emo: Rightious...

3. Guy3: Eww, bro! I searched "preppy" up on Urban Dictionary and they gave me "dick", "sex", and "fuck"
Guy4: What the fuck! That's GAY!

4. Racist Bastard: WHITE/ BLACK POWER!

5. Guy5: Yo, search this word up on Urban Dictionary! It's funny as hell!
by JoeShmoWasHere June 15, 2009
A place where people who act like they are intelligent, get 'points across'

Hating America, Bush, Gas Prices, etc.
Anti-American: Hey! Go look at the latest America definition on Urban Dictionary!

Pro-American: Get a life...
by kyberkhaos June 14, 2009
Obviously, anything that has to do with weed or sex.
i was on urban dictionary and looked up bette midler and whatta ya know it is a sex move now!
by The Gold Shadow June 10, 2009
a place where idiots go to find out what the person tooling on them was talking about
he called me a whore i wonder what that means ill go look it up on urban dictionary!
by NOT A USER April 12, 2009