A place where lifeless people hang around and make about 99.99% of all content sexual.
Guy 1: Hey where did all the dead people go? the graveyard's empty.

Guy 2: Oh, all the lifeless people are at Urban Dictionary.
by The guy with no name March 29, 2014
Tumblr's sister. Everyone on both sites are always high as fuck.
"Bisexual-reaching into someone's pants and liking whatever is in there.~Urban Dictionary."

by f3mal3_jasonmu March 17, 2014
1. The chief place to go to when you want to know about the usage of the latest popular word.
2. Best dictionary. Period.
3. Where immature teenagers post heavily lovey-dovey definitions of the name of their crush or girl/boy friend. Search up any name, such as Joe.
4. Porn stories. See titties or sex.
5. Creepy definitions.
6. Gibberish.
7. Just thought of this. Where people go to write insulting definitions of their least favorite celebrities. See Paris Hilton.
Teenage boy: I was fuckin' horny one day, so I searched up horny on Urban Dictionary.


Stoned 43-year-old: Letssssssssssszsz Dfinee maarfjijuanfa. (Translate to Let's define marijuana).
by Lord of the Chings March 10, 2014
An online "resource" used freely to give random meanings to nonsensical words. An online reference site with no merit or credibility whatsoever. Anyone can say anything on urban dictionary just for the fun of being published.
If you can't find a word in a real dictionary you can bet you can either find it with ten different meanings or publish your own on urban dictionary.

Do you think fshegka is a real word? No? Well let's make it one on urban dictionary. What gives us the authority or skill set to publish a definition of a word? Nothing, that's the beauty of the Internet. If you're looking for credible sources try Miriam-Webster or Oxford dictionary.
by Obviously credible author March 10, 2014
The amazing web site you are currently on. Has definitions on mostly anything you need to know written by people like you
No example needed. Clearly defined as urban dictionary
by diffy differding 84546256345 March 01, 2014
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