1)a website that grownups can visit when they want to know the definitions of their kids' slang

2) a place where you can define expressions
1)Parents, grandparents, and other adults, are you baffled by the slang you encounter every day by kids? Come to Urban Dictionary, type in the slang you hear, and you will know what you just heard means.

2) You can't find the definitions of an expression in a regular dictionary? Come to Urban Dictionary and you will get a definition for your expression.
by Karen Stickney September 24, 2006
I place where teenage white males go to try and understand what their black friends are saying.
Yo when Deshaun said "im about to skeet on you" what did he mean?
I dunno look it up on urban dictionary.
by j-swift January 06, 2006
A dictionary for the slang.
Very interesting to read defintions while you're bored!
by John Doe March 28, 2004
The slang Bible
Urban Dictionary rox my fuckin sox
by Christy February 12, 2003
a fucked up website with a shit ton of fucked up definition that you would never use on a daily bases
Dude why is the Urban Dictionary a thing?
by personness February 12, 2015
The place that people with horrible arguments filled with logical fallacies go to post their arguments and opinions in an authoritative manner because nobody is able to leave a comment arguing against them. Formerly used to discover the meaning of slang words.
My little brother went to Urban Dictionary thinking it would be a totally G rated site. He was wrong.
by The Very Merry Crusader January 12, 2015
A dictionary for morons and sexually frustrated idiots.
The above definition for urban dictionary is clear enough. No example necessary.
by listen2EWF October 31, 2014

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