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This website genius.
What kind of person looks up urban dictionary on urban dictionary anyway?
by guest drone #89 May 27, 2007
the best dictionary in the world, it makes people write there own definitions
i love the urban dictionary it is the best
by Jessica Lee May 17, 2007
Proof that you have lived a sheltered life.
Person 1: I have no idea what that means.
Person 2: <urban dictionary link>
Person 1: Get outta my house.
by Rabbi-Sockpuppet February 27, 2007
1)a website that grownups can visit when they want to know the definitions of their kids' slang

2) a place where you can define expressions
1)Parents, grandparents, and other adults, are you baffled by the slang you encounter every day by kids? Come to Urban Dictionary, type in the slang you hear, and you will know what you just heard means.

2) You can't find the definitions of an expression in a regular dictionary? Come to Urban Dictionary and you will get a definition for your expression.
by Karen Stickney September 24, 2006
I place where teenage white males go to try and understand what their black friends are saying.
Yo when Deshaun said "im about to skeet on you" what did he mean?
I dunno look it up on urban dictionary.
by j-swift January 06, 2006
A dictionary for the slang.
Very interesting to read defintions while you're bored!
by John Doe March 28, 2004
The slang Bible
Urban Dictionary rox my fuckin sox
by Christy February 12, 2003