a person with a very sick mind with way too much time on their hands
half of the defenitions are created by urban dictionary whores
by jessicya November 12, 2004
Top Definition
A person who adds a really fucking pointless definition about their boyfriend/girlfriend. It really pisses off the editors and we're starting to get really fucked off with it, you cunts. Typically a girl between the ages of 12 and 18 or so, sitting their lonely ass on the computer just praying to god that their friend will see the definition and call them in tears screaming about how sweet she is.
ed. chatroom:

Guy 1: Fucking a, that's 6 bf/gf defs in a row.
Guy 2: You get the one about emily? Urban Dictionary whore, right there.

by gfkljfjkg January 26, 2009
the slut that is advertising the shirts in this website right aside from this definition
the urbandictionary whores are hot
by urbandictionary whore November 03, 2009
an urban dictionary whore a person who never uses an expression without checking urban dictionary to make sure he/she doesn't sound stupid.
person 1: *types* omigosh *doesn't send*
person 1: *checks urbandictionary.com*
person 1: *Deletes "omigosh*
person 1: omg!!!
^urban dictionary whore
by baea;laekr September 07, 2005
Term used for people who can't settle their feuds in other ways than using urbandictionary.com. Their behaviour mostly demonstrates signs of mental weakness and despair.
In my case, I'd say that DWO players are top-tier urbandictionary whores. Just look at all the bullshit that emerges from their imaginary rivalry with other games on BYOND.
A person who is so desperate to get a word onto urban dicitonary that they will suck an editors dick if they will accept their definition.
Urban Dictionary Whore (UDW): Ummm Mr Editor...Would you please put my word on Urban?

Mr Editor: Hmmmm, only if you suck my dick!

UDW: Ok!
by Urban Dictionary Addict February 01, 2007
Someone who writes a definition for their name on Urbandictionary.com. Generally stressing their attractiveness or sexual prowess
Urbandictionary Whore: Ursula Exnay is a person who's so hot its unbelievable. She's so sexy there isn't even a word for it.

Urbandictionary Editor: Actually there is. Retarded. (Hits "Don't Publish")
by billy_buddy_of_doom6 December 06, 2009
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