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what to call the fucken assholes at urban dictionary when they never publish anything you try an add because there to busy sucking each others dicks.
"Editors reviewed your entry and have decided to not publish it."

"urban dictionary assholes"
by useonthego March 15, 2009
urban dictionary assholes is a term for the editors of urban dictionary who can't be good sports and only publish biased definitions suited to their political leanings as can be seen by all the tea party definitions posted and by the rejection of mine. It would have been more fun if both sides had been shown, and a sign of maturity. Why is it that wimpy people tend to be libera and liberals tend top be wimpyl. coincidence? nah
A: What's Urban Dictionary?

B:Mostly a place for shits and giggles. Let's have a look...Oh this is funny. Oh this is funny, too. Hey, wait a minute, all these answers are identical. Wow, let's ubmit our own defintions

A: This should be fun

B: Hey they rejected it

A: Wow, such urban dictionary assholes!
by urbandictionaryasshole August 29, 2010
Someone who thumbs down everything no matter what.
Person 1: What an intelligently written and clever definition. *thumbs down* LOLOLOLOL.

Person 2: You're an Urban Dictionary Asshole.
by Tubbyman October 23, 2010
somebody who writes definitions on urban dictionary with the sole purpose of pissing somebody off.
man 1 dude did you see my name on urban dictionary

man 2 yah dude that was a dick move probably one of those urban dictionary assholes
by ilovekaylamarieodellhater September 26, 2011
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