Urban dick: Someone who feels the need to explain even the most basic things in full detail to show what an urban dictionary genius they are.
boybeeps: Originating from 'L Plate'; a square white sign with a red letter L on it, displayed on the back and front of a vehicle driven by a person who is learning to drive in the UK. L Plates are removed from the vehicle once the person is a qualified driver. See l-plate
me: we know what fucking L plates are, you urban dick
by urban dick May 17, 2006
People on Urban Dictionary who reject good definitions yet approve stupid ones.
Buncha Urban Dicks on here.
by JoeNJ2 November 29, 2013
Noun. Male. A pathetic loser who peruses the Urban Dictionary website for definitions of degraging and pretty much impossible sexual positions. He then e-mails them to his computer programmer friends who laugh loudly in their cubicles while eating Hot Pockets and drinking Mr. Pibb. This particular species of dick rarely uses his own on a live person and smells as offensive as his entries.
Reginald's wife divorced him because he is an urban dick.
by E. Baker September 17, 2006
The people at urban dictionary when they deny a very sweet and kind definition of a name or person but then you find out that Rainbow Unicorn Promenade is a thing and want to kill the people that let it happen.
Those fucking Urbandicks let something that sick pass but yet i can't put something sweet for the definition of my girlfriends name?!?!?!?
by Stephano6524 June 26, 2015
A "peer editor" sitting at his computer who refuses to publish a witty and relevant definition onto Urban Dictionary despite the fact that when the word is used by its author on a daily basis, it is well received and appreciated.
That urban dick refused to publish my kick ass definition on Urban Dictionary again!
by Nictionary April 17, 2015
someone who thinks they're cool because they put words they made up on the urban dictionary
urban dick: "hay guise look at this funny word i put on urban dictionary"
friends: "shut up no one cares"
friends: "lol you urban dick"
by yondagar February 24, 2011
Person who brags to others about getting their submissions posted on Urban Dictionary.
O: Haha my post was excepted and your's wasn't..
S: Wow.. what an Urban Dick...
by That kid over there.... February 24, 2009
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