Someone who is obsessed with Urban Dictionary. A Detective who checks the definitions of new words every day and tries to integrate the words into everyday language.
"Did you see the new word on urban dictionary?"
"Dude, you are turning into a real Urban Dick!"
by Jenna-na-na January 10, 2008
Dick Talk for Urban Dictionary
Elliott: "Have you ever heard of the Abraham Lincoln?"
Wes: "No man, what is it?"
Elliott: "Haha, some shit Butterweck found on Urban Dick. Go look it up on there."
by pshars July 15, 2006
People who invent new words and definitions for those words, for the sole purpose of posting them to Urban Dictionary.
The majority of the words on Urban Dictionary are the products of "Urban Dicks".
by cheezwiz123 April 13, 2011
An Abbreviation for the Urban Dictionary
What does steez mean

Lets look it up on Urban Dick
by DJmastaP February 21, 2010
A person who uses words in everyday life.
Person 1-WOW! what a douchebaguette! I was using my neighbor's neighbornet and he ended up stealing my life password.

Person 2-Dude stop your manufactured outrage it's getting old. And don't worry i left him a farting gift last time we went over there for his party.

Person 3-WOW dudes, you are total Urbandicks...I think you need to stay off there for a while.
by CHF924 May 30, 2009
An asshole who votes no against your word suggestion so it is not published.
*Joe reads urban dictionary suggestions such as bath bomb* (when someone has a giant fart in the bath, which results in leaving little brown treasures behind) *Joe hits no button* Kate " Wow Joe, that was a good word, dont be such an urban dick"
by Devil On Yo Shoder January 06, 2012
A person who uses urbandictionary not to inform people the meanings of slang and otherwise unofficial terms and words, but to insult a group of people, respond to a definition (good or bad response, this is still not a chat room), and often completely leave out a definition and merely voice their opinion on the word in question.
Here are a few urban dicks who have gotten enough thumbs up to be on the front page of their respective words.


Dumbest shit ever, just call asshole.

(Where's the definition?)

George Bush

he president who staged the first preemptive strike in the history of the United States of America using the sole justification that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction.

Later, when no wmds were found, he fiddled with terror alerts, implied connections between Iraq and 9/11, changed the definition of the word "liberation" to "invasion", and generally deceived the American people.

George Bush constantly encourages misconceptions about the war on Iraq and John Kerry, possibly because he does not understand these things himself.

If you disagree, tell me, why DID we go to war with Iraq? Don't just say why we should have gone, or what makes sense to you (i.e. Saddam Houssein was a dictator, find out exactly what George Bush told us.

(this isn't a political discussion, and I don't know how you expect us to tell you anything over urban dictionary)

Scene Kid

typical "scene" girl:

-choppy hair
-usually black
-septum ring
-has a myspace with pictures of her from crazy angles with a TUFF face on because shes so hardxcore
-goes to local shows all the time
-belongs to a livejournal community called "cuntxcore" or "gungunbangbang" or "murderscene". because anything involving guns, or bang, or murder, or glamour, electric, shock, lust, or cunt, is cool in her book
-often says things like "SUP NIGZ" or "KTHXBAI" or "I HATE YOU KDIE" or "IM COOLER THAN YOU K" or "SUP IM RAD" on their myspace profile
-loves dinosaurs and robots and little girl bows and headbands because its just the way things are in the scene. dont ask them why all of them happen to find all of these things suddenly attractive, because they dont know themselves, its just what TOTALLY SCENExCORE people do.

usually theyre just obnoxious bitches who put on this "scener than thou" attitude and hate everyone else, kthxbai lol.

(this isn't Xanga)

by Rural Tom August 20, 2008

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