n. Someone who tries to grow the amish-style beard, but apparently hasn’t gone through puberty, so it comes in patchy, looking like a crazy homeless man’s beard.
Ben’s wife made him shave his mustache, so now he’s all urban amish with his facial hair.
by MelDog September 26, 2006
Top Definition
n. Someone who has none of the technological devices that have become a part of our daily lives, such as television, microwave, gaming platform or home computer.
I'm going to Ohio for a visit with the Urban Amish relatives. Where's my Gameboy?
A fashion and grooming trend popular recently with the underpaid, overeducated twenty-something male; involves the dichotomy of an Amish-style beard and the emo aesthetic.
"What is up with pedi-cab drivers here in Austin going all urban-amish?"
by Sarahbelle July 17, 2008
An Hacidic Jew ,Due to the fact that their fashion sense is roughly the same as the actual amish.
The difference between urban amish and actual amish is that the actual amish have the good sense to not wear winter coats in the summer.
by Gravedigga Z March 05, 2007
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