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The insult of all insults. When you're stuck and have nothing to say, just say 'ur mum'.
"This pizza is still warm"
"Ur mum's pussy is still warm...hurhurhurhur".
by p00_p00 August 30, 2006
The apparent zenith of comebacks, used almost exclusively by 12-16 year olds.
Person 1: You sir, are a veritable nincompoop.
Person 2: ERR UR MUM LOL!1!

by Dougal September 27, 2004
the british form of "ur mom", a overused comeback that is funny if used as a joke or your kidding when u say it.
Person:Fuck U!
British Person: I fucked ur mum!

b_i_t_c_h678: i have sooo much homework.
this1person923: ur mom has so much homework! OH! BURN! WAT NOW!?!?!?!
b_i_t_c_h678: wtf lol
"ur mum" is not ur actualy ur mum but a person that represents ur mum
it is used when you are really stoned or dont hav a good enough come back
Jon: what does my cooking taste like?
Michael: ur mum
by Germans December 11, 2006
a phrase used by someone who has no desent come back or is just a bit of a retard
A: what you doin tonight?

B: ur mum!
by Harry Woodcock January 17, 2008
1. A thing people say if you have a british accent and someone asks you a question and you're:
1A. bored
1B. insulting somebody
1C. acting like you have a british accent on the internet and insulting someone/are bored
2. A thing that retarded people say and think that when they do they're cool
3. The most amazing phrase in the world, as it has been here for so long and it has not died out.
John: "Hey, I went to the movies today."
Ben: "Huh. So did I"
John: "So what movie did you see?"
Ben: "Ur mum. >:D"
Joe: "You're such an idiot"
Sean: "Well, ur mum's so stupid she climbed a glass wall to see what was on the other side"
dudelizard1337: "WAIT?!?!?! WHAT DID YOU SAY LIKES TURTLES?
awesomeguy01: "Ur mum"
dudelizard1337: "wait... is that a bad thing?"
(same as 1B)
Johnny in 1975: "Ur mum's so fat she played pool with the planets."
Johnny in 2005: "Ur mum's so fat she... I got nuthin..."
by bakagain June 04, 2011
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