a horrible comeback used by total idiots who have nothing better to say. It is often replaced by other nouns in the sentence.
Bob: your an idiot.
Paul Baker: Your Mom's a idiot!

Sally: this homework sucks
Paul Baker: your mom sucks!

Joe: your gay
Paul Baker: Your mom's gay!

by urmomisgay June 20, 2006
A word that sounds suspisiously like "your mom" but has nothing to do with an actually maternal figure.

This word is usually used as an explictive in response to meaningless or questioning statements.
person 1 : hey man, where are my keys?

person 2: in urmom.
by geraldine. May 07, 2007
said as a filler, used as a sarcastic retort to something obnoxious, meaning most likely to shut the hell up and stop talking, or take the direction of the conversation a different way.
That guy is an idiot. Ur mom's an idiot.
by jax November 16, 2004
What people say when the they lack the intelligence to think of any sort of comeback. It's a very redundant phrase. You'll say, "Hey, how's it goin'?" and your mother will be brought into the conversation out of nowhere.

Whomever uses this phrase in an argument, has automatically lost.
Me:Seriously, Napoleon Dynamite sucks.
Them:ur mom
Me: Ohhh, original.
Them:STFU ur momz a ho
Me: At least I got one, motherfucka'!
Them has signed off
by Jon March 07, 2005
"your mom"
also used, when a person has no idea at all, what to say next. Whether this is because of a very intelligent insult (ie. they just got pwned) or because it was something totally baffling.
"well, people tend to not act their race. Take you for example. Aren't you, according to your culture, supposed to be...smart?"


"so lyk then I said for him to get out from under the table lol1!1111!!!"
"your mom was under my 'table' last night if you know what I mean..."
an "insult".. barily an insult though.. something that retarted,clueless, un-original people say when they cant think of something better to say..
hilliee- your parents are brother and sister..
billiee-uh.. well.. you know what?! ur mom!!?
by hillaryyyx3x3 January 18, 2006
the person you "popped" out of, after she had sexual inter course, and got prego!
Sally had sex with Bob, Bob got Sally pregnant, Sally had a baby, the doctor told the baby , pointing to Sally "thats UR MOM!"
by Kelly April 08, 2003

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