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A lame insult, either to the people around you or to the person's mother herself.
1: "dude ur gay"
2: "well ur mom's a man and that makes ur dad gay"
by Schmonkey July 09, 2006
a cliched insult used by unorigional and moronic douche bags
"i want to kill you for being a total idiot."

"well, uh, ur mom!"
by m0rph3us August 15, 2004
Someone who is "banged" on a daily basis by 12 year olds and retarded "newfags".
Boy: lolz i banged ur mom
Mature Individual: brb
Mature Individual: *comes back with a cup of horse semen and forces it down the boy's throat (cup included)*
by prvt asscancer September 25, 2012
Used as a response when you're not sure what to say when asked a question.

GenericMale#1: Lol how are u todae Mari?

GenericFemale#1: URMOM.

GenericMale#2: Nooo. -UR-mom.
by Barran ;o February 16, 2008
Shorted version of "your mother" (ur mom), generally used as a response to anything on the internet, usually by people of a somewhat simple nature.
(01:31:42) (+andy) yeah, KoRn kinda suck
(01:31:44) (duey) urmom
(01:31:58) (+andy) omg!
by BombBomb October 05, 2003
a word for loss of intellignet words or merely an answer to a question you dont know.
"o crap, my pencil!"
"o crap, your mom!"
by Sarah eliz. December 20, 2005
1)The basis of thousands of bad jokes 2)The basis for millions of sweet comebacks
1)ur mom is so gay, she is a lesbian

2)ur mom is so gay, you masturbate to your mom masturbating about the thought of my mom being gay, while you suck her.
by ftrdrrtgh June 05, 2005