An insult relating to your mother or mom could also be your mom or yourmom can also be used as a response to a question
Person 1: "Who are you looking for?"
Person 2: "URMOM!!!"
by andyzthehood October 12, 2004
Something random to say
Bob: How are you?
Joe: urmom

Bob: Who's your gf?
Joe: urmom

Bob: hi
Joe: urmom

Bob: why are you saying urmom?
Joe: urmom
by Bluquar September 16, 2006
Something that can be said as an answer to everything, it can also replace a noun in a sentence. You can also turn around a few words from the last sentence said and add ''ur mom'' somewhere.

Note how when used, it will cause the person you're talking with to automaticaly have sexual thoughts about his mother.
Random: yeah it's a bit tight
You: ur mom is tight

Random: i'm eating buffalo wings, it's dirty as I type but I really like wings
You: ur mom like it dirty

Random: brb bathroom
Random (several minutes later): back, was a bit long, was out of wiping paper lmao
You: me too but ur mom wiped me

by -Tiamat- February 16, 2008
A high ranking insult
Amber: "God Kayla, you are such a bitch in the mornings."

Kayla: "Well I havn't had my coffee yet fucktard so.....UR MOM."
by Kayla and Amber October 09, 2008
A simplistic insult used when all your ripostes have failed. Used commonly at school, chatrooms, and the comments on YouTube.
Ur mom's an example.

The above is how ur mom is used.
by BondFan4518 August 15, 2008

Noun. A term used as a response to any question. Note that it does not have to be used to insult ones maternal figure, but rather piss the target off because they here you use the term daily.
target: "What are you going to do with that whole bottle of rum??"

you: "UR MOM"
by Puzzler11 July 13, 2009
A funny phrase that is used as an annoying come-back. The phrase, saying it word for word, has no meaning. People usually will say it when they can't come up with a good come-back, or if they don't know the answer to your question.
Person 1: Hey, what do we have for homework?
Person 2: Ur mom.


Person 1: What does (word) mean?
Person 2: Ur mom.
by flobbles April 29, 2010
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