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urmom was the definition last night if you catch my drift

urmom is generally used as a response to anything on the internet, usually by people of a somewhat simple nature.

lol checkmate
by urmom October 10, 2003
163 55
defenition 1: ur grandmas daughter, ur dads wife, ur aunts sister, ur cousins aunt, ur uncles sister, ur daughters grandma, ur grandpas daughter, ur sisters/brothers dads wife, UR MOM

defenition 2: a comeback that can replace any noun in a sentence
(also can be used with in bed)
1: is that ur mom? (aka any of the above)

2: ur a party pooper
ur moms a party pooper
(add in bed at the bed of any sentence and it makes sense)
ur a party pooper
ur moms a party pooper
..in bed
COMEBACK: really? usually she gets the party started!
by yer-maum April 24, 2003
258 168
Ur Mom- a common comeback for when someone says....practically anything to you
Person 1:Hey Carl Whats up?
Person 2:Ur mom.

Person A:I had spaghetti last night.
Person B:I had Ur mom last night.

Joe:Im so worn out from basketball..
Carl:Im worn out from Ur mom.
by DtouchmycrumbD January 08, 2006
73 15
Used as a comeback when you can't think of one; replaces nouns in sentences; response to when people ask "What are you doing?"
Bob: Geez, you're such an ass.
Paul: Well.....ur mom!

Britt: What are you doing?
George: ur mom.
by oh January 05, 2005
98 48
1.used when you feel like you need to respond with something, but just can't think of what...

2.an answer that is a funny reply for most questins
person 1: its hot
person 2: urmom is hot

person 1:wheres my ipod?
person 2: urmom

person 1: who's your new b/f?
person2: urmom
by agnostic carebear May 29, 2005
56 13
used to replace random nouns in sentences to piss people off
dude stop...dude ur mom can stop
thas the definition...ur moms the definition
by ur mom =P July 17, 2003
105 71
The way people spell your mom when texting or IMing.

A thing stupid people who think they're cool like myself say as a come back 1., when they can't think of anything else to say 2.or when they think it's going to be funny3..

This action is usually followed shortly with a long obnocous OHHHHH from a random person most likely not involved with the conversation.
1. Guy-Dude! You're so stupid!
Guy 2- Your mom is stupid!
Random guy- OHHHHH!!!

2. Guy-How was your day today?
Guy 2-Ummm...YOUR MOM!
Random Guy- OHHHHH! You just got dissed!

3. Guy- I really like your new pants!
Guy 2-Your mom really likes my new pants! Ha! Get it! She likes my new pants!
Random Guy-...
Guy 2-(to random guy) Aren't you going to go OHHHHH!?
Random Guy- It wasn't funny.
by mooshi800 April 18, 2009
32 12