Something that can be said as an answer to everything, it can also replace a noun in a sentence. You can also turn around a few words from the last sentence said and add ''ur mom'' somewhere.

Note how when used, it will cause the person you're talking with to automaticaly have sexual thoughts about his mother.
Random: yeah it's a bit tight
You: ur mom is tight

Random: i'm eating buffalo wings, it's dirty as I type but I really like wings
You: ur mom like it dirty

Random: brb bathroom
Random (several minutes later): back, was a bit long, was out of wiping paper lmao
You: me too but ur mom wiped me

by -Tiamat- February 16, 2008
Top Definition
A highly derogatory phrase which replaces the subject of a person's sentence to form a base and unoriginal form of retaliation (for those with difficulty thinking of witty comebacks).
"That was a great sandwich."
"Ur Mom was a great sandwich! Oh! Diss!"
by bamboo shoot October 25, 2004
can either be used as a random word which people seem to think witty and bugs the hell out of people, or, obviously, your mom
Bob: What are you doing tonight?
Joe: Ur mom
by i luv jesse mccartney April 25, 2005
Defenition 1: This word can replace a noun, if done correctly.

Defenition 2: If one can't think of a cool come back. This is the phrase to use.
Guy 1: "Whoa! U made cool sound effects with that paper bag..."
Guy 2: "UR MOM makes cool sound effect!"
by Kevin N' Kyle and Company May 01, 2005
Use when someone is asking you a nosy question or just something stupid as hell.
Reminder: never say this in front of a person who does not have a mother.
SARAH: Hey, whatcha guys talkin' about?
ASHLEY: ur mom.
by Stephie Thong February 27, 2003
The Universal answer to anything and everything.
"What is the meaning of life?"
"ur mom"

"What time is it?"
"ur mom"

"What's 2+2=?"
"ur dad... errm, I mean mom."
by Lanan September 24, 2005
two words that can answer any questions.
joe: hey!
bill: hey!
joe: how r u?
bill: ur mom knows how i am. . .
joe: can u stop?!
bill: ur mom wants to stop . . .
joe: do you hav herpes?
bill: ur mom has herpes . . .
joe: shut up!!!
by Cami!!! September 15, 2006
urmom was the definition last night if you catch my drift

urmom is generally used as a response to anything on the internet, usually by people of a somewhat simple nature.

lol checkmate
by urmom October 10, 2003
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