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A girl who is rich and sophisticated. one who is used to the comforts and luxuries of life.
Mary is an uptown girl.. i wonder why she came into a dingy place like this.
by naveen ram March 20, 2008
1. An awsome song by Billy Joel

2. a snobby bitch who lives up town.
1. "Uptown girl, She's my uptown girl!"

2. Do all Woodbury girls have to act like uptown girls?
by Mistress Kitty March 29, 2008
A rich girl,or a girl that lives uptown

A celibrity
I'm an uptown girl,that lives in a mansion.
by Marstar February 19, 2008
It is an excellent song by Billy Joel

And also it means a girl who is sophisticated and classy - in some cases snobby - but not all
Woah bro, you seen that uptown girl?
by YASSS123 June 26, 2015
When a girl comes to "study" at the Male Yeshiva University campus library located in Uptown Manhattan just to get guys. This only applies when she comes in full make up and dress clothes. She usually will "study" there several times per week.
Bro, the library is swarming with Uptown Girls, who needs Jdate?
by YUSTUDENT November 06, 2014
Is usually used by homies or Niggahs in the hood referring to females who got "bread", "mula", or simply money etc...Usually very stingy and think they are the shit, but not necessarily mean that they (females) are stingy but just rich, money wise.

A female who is wealthy and ignorant to the rest of the world.
Yo, You seen that "Up town Girl" by the bank?that bitch be aight.....

What up "Up Town Girl"? Damn you Fine....
by Fijinawa February 09, 2011

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