The provinces. A dowdy, depressed, depressing, crime-ridden shithole that bleeds New York City (ironically the safest big city in America) dry to keep itself afloat. Full of inferiority-complex-addled jackasses who whine about how there's more to this state than the City and act so big because the capital of New York State (Albany) is there. Big friggin' deal. Go move to that sterile NYC clone Toronto if you like it so much, upstaters, and stop thinking you're so great until you can clean up your act and actually be productive.
Okay, so there's more to New York State than the City. No one gives a damn, unless you like nature (big whoop), economic stagnation, and urban blight that's right up there with the Midwest rustbelt, metropolitan Detroit, and eastern Germany. Upstate can go ahead and fall into the Great Lakes.
by Upstate <<<<<<<<<< The City May 25, 2004
A place that wishes it was New York City. People from Upstate often get offended when people refer to New York City simply as "New York" because it makes them feel left out.
Everything north of New York's suburbs is Upstate New York. UPSTATE IS NOT 'EVERYTHING NORTH OF ALBANY' b/c New York is the capital of the world and nobody cares about upstate, face it already!!!
by Callahan May 20, 2004
Upstate New York is a cultural wasteland of social decadence. I pity the poor souls who failed to live in New York City and instead had to settle for the dull country life of upstate New York.
Anything north of White Plains.
by asdfdsa April 26, 2004
anyhting in n.y.s., that's not the city. upstate new york contanes places like, but, not limited too: nassua, sufolke, rockman's, adoraundeks, the katskills, buffollo, albony, seracuse, rachestere, and mahopac, and pakipsy 2.
me lives in the queens in the maspith heights.
by NuYarka January 14, 2005
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