A mountainous version of the Midwest. Country life at its worst. Upstate is very distinctive looking from other similar areas (Western Pennsylvania, the Midwest, New England) and it all looks exactly the same.
Two places upstate 50 miles apart look more like each other than two places in Yonkers two BLOCKS apart.
by YO Man July 27, 2004
Any part of the New York State aside from the five boroughs of New York City, which are, in order of importance: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Bronx, Queens, and Staten Island.

Nobody gives a flying fuck if you live "near The City"; Long Island, Westchester County, Rockland County, Orange County, Dutchess County, Albany, and the like are all part of Upstate New York State.
Massapequa is Upstate New York.
Riverheads is Upstate New York.
Nyack City is Upstate New York.
New Rochelle is Upstate New York.
Watertown is Upstate New York.
Buffalo is Upstate New York.
The Oysterbay is Upstate New York.

by Brooklynguy3 April 01, 2007
Everything outside the City walls, is Upstate. it dosnt matter if your east, its still upstate, ask anyone at 82nd & Lex
All of nys outside of nyc is rural
by jimmy November 24, 2004
Anything north of White Plains.
People who live above White Plains are obese toothless hicks who live in a boring provincial area and have never seen the lights of the big city.
by asdfa February 15, 2004
Noun. A place that isn't NYC and isn't downstate wigger-town. Filled with Hicks and half-witted douchebags who'd rather ride their "sleds" than have a nice chat about theories or do a crossword puzzle.
Me : *Pant, Pant, Pant*
Bro : "Hey, What happened?"
Me : "I said something bad about their tractors and *sleds* and all the sudden they started chasing me."
Bro : "Well, what do you exect, we're in Hicktown, UPSTATE NEW YORK."
by Wordsmith Ninja May 31, 2005
Upstate is a place where you have to drive your pickup 20 miles to buy a Sears, Roebuck suit or Gingham dress at a local Walmart. Upstate is sterile, it's a fucking joke.
Once I went to Nassau County and everybody somehow knew I was from the Big City.
by Ed Koch February 26, 2005
Where you live, unless you live in one of the five boroughs or in another state.
Manhattan = Downstate
Bronx = Downstate
Queens = Downstate
Albany = Upstate
Nassau = Upstate
Suffolk = Upstate
Poughkeepsie = Upstate
by Joseph R. Sconnari October 25, 2004

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